Single vs. In Relationship: Pros and Cons. . .

You can date occasionally or stay single. Or you can find love and be in relationship. People all over the world try both things but often end up preferring only one of them. Or it might be better to say that circumstances and life itself make it so that they continue being single or in relationship. The following article will gather pros and cons of the both of these.

Pros and Cons of Being Single

  1. Freedom

    All those in favor of staying single often talk about freedom. But what is this freedom? Primarily, it is the absence of responsibility that comes with being in a relationship. Then, it is sexual freedom to have as many partners as one desires. Then, it is also social freedom associated with being a master of your life utterly and completely without considering your partner’s opinions. For many it is great because not all people are fit for responsibility. But it is also a disadvantage because staying single forever disallows one to create strong bonds and create a family.

  2. Time

    Single people have all their time to themselves. Time is precious because it is the way we use our time that defines who we are. Being in a relationship is hard work that takes a lot of time. Therefore, single people have more time to themselves that they can spend as they seem appropriate.

  3. Experience

    Single people have more experience when it comes to flirting and sexual intercourses. That is simply because they have more partners they spend time with than people in serious long-term relationships.

  4. No Relationship, No Problems

    According to sad but true statistics around 65% of all couples eventually break up. A lot of single people know that and by staying single decide to avoid harsh and rough problems that earlier or later appear in many relationships. Many single Russians, for example, prefer staying single because they don’t want their hearts to be broken.

Pros and Cons of Being in Relationship

  1. Family

    Only those people in serious long-term relationships can eventually create a family. It wouldn’t be fair or honest to say that everybody needs to have a family. In our day and age many people find it difficult if not impossible to create a happy family. Family life is not a walk in the park but many people find true happiness in creating a family.

  2. Responsibility

    Being in a relationship automatically makes you responsible for your partner. It works the opposite way as well – your partner might be very helpful being responsible for you as well. However, such responsibility is two-fold. Like a coin it has two sides – good and not so good. It is the amount of responsibility that often alienates partners from each other.

  3. Less Independence

    Partner in serious long-term relationship tend to rely on each other to an extreme degree. In case a relationship ends partners often find themselves clueless in regard to how live further.  In other words, they forget how to be independent and rely only on themselves because of how used they become to being in relationships.

  4. Maturity

    Many psychologists say that only people in serious long-term relationships become really mature. Even the most simply and not yet very serious relationship is a rehearsal of a family life. Therefore, being in relationship nourishes self-growth and allows people to get a taste of an adult life. Single people, on the contrary, often behave immaturely, though being old enough to know better.

There is definitely no certain answer as to whether it is better to be single or in relationship. For some people it is better to stay single because they can’t handle the responsibility. Others find it impossible to see many people without getting really close. Your choice is totally up to you.


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