10 Ultimate Things To Do On A Weekend Without Spending Money. . .

There are always fun ways to spend the weekend. But the catch here is to spend a money-free weekend. Good things in life do not always come with money. No matter what, you can enjoy the weekend with things that don’t cost at all. Here are some great alternative ways to make the most of your weekend without spending a fortune –

  1. A potluck dinner party
    A potluck dinner party is a great way to share meals with your friends. You can host it at your home and each one of your friends will bring his own dish to share. If your circle loves to cook, maybe you can try inventing a new dish or something.
  2. Have a Pinterest party
    You all know the cool crafts tutorials shared on Pinterest. Well, why don’t you try your hands on them? It is a good idea to put them into action on weekend especially at night with your friends.
  3. Organize a Spa Day
    What’s better than giving each other manicures for free? Host a spa day at home and try out new hairstyles or facial masks.
  4. Go to the concert/ exhibition in a park
    There are always some exhibitions or trade fairs or a concert going on in the nearest park. Find out about that and go out with your friends.
  5. Volunteer together
    Get involved in some community services such as taking kids from an orphanage to some picnic or just lending a hand at local senior center. It is always a good idea to get involved in some good deed together.
  6. Camping
    Camping is a great way to interact with adventurers. You can go find some new trail with your friends and then camp overnight at a new spot.
  7. Play board games
    Dig into some cool new board games on the weekend with your friends. You can try classic games like Monopoly, Pictionary etc. You can always find an old board game into your closet to try.
  8. Hold a self-guiding tour
    Most cities or towns have a lot of historic sites. Find out if there a local walking tour or you can hold one for yourself. Early morning will be a perfect time for that.
  9. Visit a free museum or monument
    Look for educational attraction if you have an interest in history. You can try going to a zoo or a museum. Monuments are also a great choice to offer you a glimpse into history without spending an extra buck.
  10. Hold a movie marathon
    If you and your friends are movie fanatics, then your weekend is sorted already. Hold a movie marathon or log into Netflix and hook onto some old favorites.

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