18 Amazing Perks Of Being A Great Listener. . .

It has been scientifically proven that having an attention span of more than twenty minutes in a sign of intelligence. In this fast-paced world, when almost everyone seems to just zone-out in the middle of a conversation or gets distracted by their smartphone, having a fulfilling talk with someone seems nothing less than a miracle. Being a good listener is a rare quality that you should be proud of. If you are a good at it, then you should definitely embrace it. After all, it comes with a whole lot of perks!

  1. You will always have someone by your side. You are that “friendly” guy/girl that everyone loves to invite to their party
  2. You know a lot of stuff about your friends and family
  3. And since you can keep it a secret, you tend to win their trust instantly
  4. Sometimes, it acts as a leverage (even when you don’t want to)
  5. Because you always alter your schedule for others, you get entitled to free food and drinks (also, you get a chance to eat more when your friends are busy talking :p)
  6. You remember all those little things you hear from the people you care about, which surprises them in the most unexpected way
  7. The more you listen, the more you understand your loved ones
  8. And get a whole new perception of the world around you
  9. You always get the latest scoops from your friends
  10. After getting to know so much, you are always well-prepared to give a thoughtful reply
  11. Which makes you the most pragmatic and intelligent person in the group
  12. You love to ask questions, which makes everyone else realize how invested and concerned you are
  13. And this often makes a good impression on other
  14. You get an “I’m so glad to have you!” a lot
  15. You stand out from the crowd in the most effortless way. The world is already full of storytellers. They all need more listeners.
  16. You have an impressive attention span, which makes it easier for you to memorize things.
  17. This basically makes you a genius!
  18. Most importantly, you can become anyone’s BFF in no time. After all, you are the kind of person anyone can talk to 24 hours a day without getting bored.

You are that “special” friend that no one can really let go of. You have already gathered an abundance of experience after listening to their stories. The kind of wisdom that you have is impeccable, which makes you nothing less than a life coach.
You are not just a listener. You are secret keeper – a friend without whom no one can survive. In the world of social media apps where people just have “stuff” to talk about, you are like a breath of fresh air. Because you do what no one else can!
You listen.


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