10 Traditional Sarees To Have In Your Wardrobe This Wedding Season. . .

Saree is the most versatile garment in Indian tradition. The 9 yards of elegance is perfect to bring out the diva look in any women. This is why saree leaves any other garment in popularity even on global stage. Saree is that one garment which can make a huge impression at any occasion with its classy look. So clearly saree is a must-have in every women’s wardrobe. If you are gearing up for the wedding season and have nothing to wear, we suggest you 10 sarees to choose from to channel the perfect traditional appeal –

  1. Banarasi Saree
    It is hands down the most popular choice in saree. The heavy brocade and gold work is the specialty of this saree which can make every woman lose their hearts in the first sight. It is a perfect pick for the big fat Indian wedding.
  2. Madhubani Saree
    This gorgeous saree is inspired by famous Madhubani paintings and making it requires the work of skilled artisans. This one is sure a rare one to have in your closet.
  3. Bandhani Saree
    Bandhani sarees utilize the art of tie and dye and they look great for casual occasions. You can also go for Leheriya print saree which is a closer sibling of this one.
  4. Kanjeevaram Saree
    Rekha dons it all the time in award functions. Yes, the gorgeous Kanjiveeram that looks like a dream with its rich fabric and details. It is made from pure mulberry silk in a village named Kancheepuram in Chennai. You will definitely look like a vision in this saree.
  5. Patola Saree
    These sarees are made in Gujarat and have very elaborate work. They usually have geometric designs and rich embroidered borders to make you an instant highlight when you wear it.
  6. Chanderi Saree
    Chanderi saree is known for its zari work coupled with woven designs. Made in Madhya Pradesh, these sarees are available in inexpensive cotton or high-end silk fabric.
  7. Kosa Saree
    The traditional silk saree from Chattisgarh has recently stolen the limelight in various major runway fashion shows. It features tribal art designs for contemporary and out of box look.
  8. Arani Saree
    This traditional saree from Tamil Nadu is made from pure silk and comes in huge mélange of styles. This one is sure to turn heads at any wedding function.readiprintfashions.wordpress.com
  9. Ikat or Sambalpuri Saree
    The traditional ikat sarees are hand woven and already making waves for their unique prints and colors. The saree gained popularity when Indira Gandhi started wearing them in the 1980s.
  10. Nauvari Saree
    This traditional saree from Maharashtra is worn as a dhoti and looks very sultry. Bollywood is a fan of this saree with our leading actresses wearing them in movies every now and then. This one will look charming when paired with a half-moon bindi and a nose ring.

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