7 Life Skills That Can Be Pursued As Career Skills. . .

Are you tired of your daily, mundane jobs and all you want to do is call it quit? It happens if you do something you are not passionate about. A survey revealed that 40% of the Americans find their current job uninteresting and 52.3% of them are not happy with their job. Yes, unfortunately, you are also in this league but you can’t even give up your job, obviously for the monetary reason. So, what is the solution so that you can both be happy and contented in doing your work? The only way is to turn your life skills or hobby into your profession. If you are really passionate about it and determined, then turning them into your profession is not a big deal.

Here are some life skills which can be turned into excellent career skills.

  1. Photography
    If you have a passion for clicking pictures, then photography is an excellent career option for you. A sense of self-expression combined with technical competence is something which is required in this profession. You can either be a fashion photographer or marine and wildlife photographer and many more. You can even become a photojournalist, covering various news events.
  2. Gardening
    Gardening is a nice career you can pursue if you spend most of your time outdoor and among the plants and the trees. Turf management is a good career option where you take care of the stadiums and the turfs. Or, you may work in large parks and landscapes as horticulturalists. As a Facilities Manager, you are in charge of big housings and complexes.
  3. Pet sitter
    Pet sitter is a mentally exhilarating job for those who love pets. This includes taking care of the pets when their owners are away for their jobs or on a vacation. You have to take them to the vet for the routine check-up. Other activities include brushing them, cleaning and feeding them, taking them for a walk.
  4. Tour Guide
    As a tour guide, you get associated with a travel agency and are responsible for guiding a group of tourists through different places of religious, historical, cultural and commercial importance. This will also satisfy your quench for traveling.
  5. Content Writing
    Writing is one of the profitable career options nowadays. With the expansion of the web world, most of the people now love to read anything and everything published on the web. You can pursue as a content writer by contributing to writing the web based article that ranges from anything, from fashion to politics, from automobiles to psychology.
  6. Crafting
    If you are good at handicrafts and your friends and families applaud you for your innovative designs, then you should seriously think about it. Moreover, there are a now a number of online shops which sell handmade homemade products. The main thing you will require is communication and marketing skills.
  7. Cooking
    Do you love preparing foods and feed people? Cooking is always one of the top choices of life skills being turned into a career. You can either open a restaurant or a home delivery service or a cooking class according to your convenience.

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