8 Indian Brides Tell Us The Mistakes They Wish They Hadn’t Made At Their Weddings. . .

Wedding season is here in India on the full swing. If you are a bride, we reckon you must have a vision for your wedding. Every bride wants to have a perfect, almost fairytale-like wedding because we have grown up imagining it so. Even though every bride strives for perfection, there are still some things they wish they could change. Here are 8 mistakes made by Indian brides that you can take notes from –

  1. Trying to shuffle between two ceremonies on a single day
    According to a Sikh bride, she faced issues as her husband-to-be was a Hindu. She had to shuffle between two functions on the same day. She couldn’t even go to the washroom as she had to wear the same lehenga throughout the day during two functions.
  2. Failure to coordinate with the photographers
    A bride named Roli pointed out that it is very important to coordinate with the photographers clearly or else it may lead to confusion and you can miss out on some great pictures.
  3. Changing outfits
    A bride from Chandigarh, Suman faced a huge problem because of the outfit changing process. She said that she had to change outfits twice as her wedding and reception occurred on the same day. She was completely exhausted by the end of the day and couldn’t enjoy either one of them.
  4. Wearing make-up without a trial
    According to Kritika, she spent a lot of time researching on her make-up products and artists. She finalized someone yet didn’t go for a make-up trial to double check that. The result was confusion during the make-up. She couldn’t really convey how she wanted to look and she ended up looking differently than she imagined.
  5. Uncontrollable finances
    A recently married bride, Jenny put forward this issue of an overflow of finances during her wedding ceremony. She preferred a small wedding ceremony unlike her parents but that couldn’t happen. She regretted it later as the money could have been put to better use for her and her husband.
  6. No say on the guest list
    A bride named Richa was completely unaware of the guest list at her parent’s side of the wedding function. Well the result, according to her, was a disaster. She said that she had strangers clicking pictures with her on the wedding stage and whatnot.
  7. Caring too much about others happiness
    Rashmi said that she never focused on her own happiness during her wedding preparations. According to her, I was trying to please guests at the wedding and in that process, I spent a lot of money only to find out that you can never really please others.
  8. Not having a say in in-laws’ functions
    Anamika, a newly wed bride said that she had to face neglect because of not intervening in her in-laws’ function. Finally, she had no control over the outfit, venue and even the photographer.

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