Top 8 Indian Cities Which Are Safe For Females

Women safety is paramount in these 8 Indian cities

India is rapidly changing and so are Indian women. Today’s women are quickly bringing a change in traditional ideas about how a woman is expected to be. The so-called “gender roles” will no longer hold true in upcoming times. Women today are ready to go places and are steadily climbing corporate ladders in both public and private sectors. However, India also has a negative image in terms of women’s safety. Women-related crimes are a common occurrence and women coming from foreign countries are asked to be very cautious here. The infamous Delhi Gang Rape that took place in 2012 and many other incidents has lead people to evaluate various cities on basis of their safety rates.Various cities have been rated on basis of Female Security Index (FSI), which are published by Tata Strategic Management Group. After the Nirbhaya incident and many more that have followed it, Delhi has been voted as the most unsafe city in India on Female Security Index. Hyderabad was also voted the lowest after Delhi on the FSI. Other states like Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana have been voted least secure states in India for females.Here is the list of few cities that are considered secure for women:

  1. Cities of Gujrat One of India’s dry states, Gujarat has emerged as one of the safest. Cities like Surat, Vadodara and Ahmedabad have emerged as one of the most secure cities for females in India. The main reason for this is there are no liquor shops or bars here that somehow bring positivity in the environment. Plus the police control is comparatively very good.
  2. CHENNAI Chennai was voted the most secure city amongst the metros. The reasons for this are that it is still somewhere a conservative city that is untouched by western culture. Also, the police force is very commendable.
  3. BANGALORE India’s IT city Bangalore along with Chennai was also voted as most secure city amongst the metros. Bangalore has a lot to offer for everyone and it is very safe to be out till late. Police enforcements are also very safe here.
  4. NAGPUR Although Nagpur falls in Central India where areas are not really secure for women, Nagpur is comparatively very safe and peaceful. There is nothing like nightlife here and people here are very approachable.
  5. CHANDIGARH According to a survey, 98% of women are very happy with their lives in Chandigarh. Chandigarh is very modern and gender equality is high over here. Job culture is at a high level in this city. The city also has women-only police stations and that matters a lot.
  6. PUNE Police here are very committed to ensuring that women are secure. They have recently launched an application for keeping a track of women’s safety. Traveling by public transport is surprisingly hassle-free here.
  7. KOLKATTA Kolkata, which is also known as “City Of Palaces”, has been voted as one of the safest cities for women. People here are very helpful; law and order are given great importance here.
  8. VISHAKHAPATNAM Vishakhapatnam is a small city and crime index is relatively very low over here. City’s police are committed to their job and women feel very safe in this city.

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  1. In last june a young woman working for infosys was hacked and let to die before 100s of passengers at a busy railway station in the heart of the city in a morning hour!!! In 2015 another young woman working for a software company was murdered brutally on her way back to home!!!…And these stupid surveys call Chennai a safe city for woman and keep praising the police force!!! With Chennai everything is an irony. Please be known that rape isn’t the only crime committed against women.

    • Mr Murthy should first know the fact that such instances happen everywhere including Mumbai. Number of crimes matters than the popularity of crime! Chennai comparatively has a very less number of crimes against women, cos of which the less number of crimes gets very popular in News channels. If you doubt, compare the crime rates of different cities in or download the detailed survey analysis submitted by National crime records Bureau. Dont place such baseless arguements without knowing the fact!

  2. Chennai & Kolkata safe cities??? And is Chennai conservative?? Sounds like a sarcastic survey.. Mumbai is lot safer than these two…

  3. Bullshit. Whoever written this article is mentally retarded. I can’t stop laughing when I saw Gujarat as no. 1😁😂. And to my wonder Mumbai is not in a list. R.I..P. GK!

  4. Kolkata is the rape capital of India. You must be joking. Please check your general knowledge. Did you forget the famous Park Street rape case and Kamduni. Moreover here the chief minister supports rapists which is unparalleled in any other part of the world.

  5. Kolkata is not known as the city of palaces but The City of Joy. It’s Kolkata n not Kolkatta. Also the photo shown for Bangalore is the photo from Kolkata.

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