12 Creative Ways To Pose For Photographs. . .

We all want to look our best in the pictures. But that doesn’t always happen. What if we tell you, there are ways to never look bad in any photograph again? Well, there are tricks that everyone should know to unleash your inner top model and have the most flattering photos. Here are 12 creative ways to decode that –

  1. Angle your face
    Avoid direct head-on shots while posing. It is best to stand sideways and tilt your chin.
  2. Press your tongue
    This is one of the weirdest yet the best trick out there. Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth while smiling. It will elongate your jawline and your double chin will not be visible. Heidi Klum swears by this trick.
  3. Position your arms
    This red carpet trick involves placing your arm on your hip. Put the arm closest to the camera on your hip. Take cues from the latest red carpet appearances.
  4. Tilt your body
    If you want to keep it casual and classy, you can skip the hands-on-hip and work on tilting your body while facing the camera with one leg in front of the other.
  5. Cross your feet
    This works every time. Simply cross your ankles if you are having a head-on shot. It will look really flattering.
  6. Learn to smile
    Always try to smile for the camera. Don’t smile too wide as it will make your eyes to squint and your cheeks will puff out. Keep a gentle smile by relaxing your face.
  7. Understand proportion
    The rule of having a good picture is to understand proportion. Whatever will be near to the camera, will appear larger.
  8. Loosen up
    Don’t look too rigid while posing. Keep it fun and casual and don’t force your pose.
  9. Proper lighting is the key
    The basic rule to having excellent pictures is pose near good lighting such as a window.
  10. Shape up while sitting
    Always adjust your posture if you are sitting and posing. Be sure to sit straight and lengthen your torso. This way, your pose will reflect the best silhouette in pictures.
  11. Lift the camera or your pose
    Make sure that you lift your face a little bit upwards while the picture is being clicked in case someone shorter than you is taking pictures.
  12. Practice your signature posture
    Everyone has a signature profile or posture. Practice it until you become a pro in it. If you have no idea about your signature posture, try to stand straight. It will elongate your posture and you will look confident in the photographs.

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