12 Hilarious Excuses For Skipping Work. . .

We all have those lazy days where we just don’t feel like getting off the bed, let alone go to work. It’s not possible every single time to give your boss a legitimate reason. Some craziness, some creativity, and some efforts are definitely needed! Here are a few funny and hilarious excuses that have been used over a period of time to skip work:

  1. The universe told me to take a day off
    After all such signs simply should not be ignored. The universe would not like it if things do not happen its way. Things may go wrong. Your boss cannot just say no to this.
  2. I broke my arm while making a sandwich for today’s breakfast
    Making breakfast is a tedious and huge task. Breaking arm is very serious. You just cannot go to work with a broken arm.
  3. I poked myself in the eye while combing my hair
    Accidents happen. The eye is very sensitive and your boss will understand. The pointed bits of combs and brushes can injure anyone. Besides, health comes first.
  4. Doctor’s report says I need more Vitamin D so I am going to beach for treatment
    Right proportions of vitamins are important for a healthy living. Getting right Vitamins from nature is anyways much better than getting them from pills.
  5. My dog got stuck in my car
    Dogs are notorious. Plus dog stuck in the car requires an urgent action. Figuring out how to get him out will take time. You can’t go to work leaving him in this condition.
  6. Have a stomachache because I ate too much of birthday cake
    Who knew birthday cakes cannot let you go to work. Stomach aches will not let you work in peace. A better option is to call in sick and take rest.
  7. I had to decorate the garden for my dog’s birthday
    Dogs are family. Dog’s birth dates are special and so is the birthday party. The decorations for the party have to be perfect and everything has to be organized. Hence, cannot make it to work today.
  8. My pressure cooker has exploded
    This can create a lasting damage. It needs looking into and that too urgently.
  9. My vehicle broke down. No one offered me a lift to work
    You had no option but to miss the work. How would you even reach the office? You would also have to get the car repaired
  10. Weather forecast says we are expecting a storm
    It is better to be safe than be sorry. Plus, weather forecasts are accurate. We are expecting a storm, so better not leave the house.
  11. My pants slit while coming to work
    There was no way you would go to work like this. This definitely means that you had to rush back home.
  12. I think I am carrying contagious disease
    Coming to office in this state would be risky for the co-workers too. Your boss would in-fact surely support this.

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