7 International Destinations Where You Can Travel Cheap. . .

For us Indians, travelling internationally means great expenses. We are under an impression that international vacation is a lot of hassle budget-wise. However, that is not true at all. Contrary to common belief, some international destinations can be travelled on a domestic budget if planned very properly. There are lots of international destinations that can be travelled cheap. Few of them are:

  1. Sri-Lanka
    Sri-Lanka is thought to be very similar to India’s southern terrain. Though that is not wrong, Sri-Lanka has great tourism and a very rich culture. Sri-Lanka would feel home away from home. Heritage sites like the temple from Ramayana or Temple of tooth Relic are very famous.The shopping markets of Odel and majestic City are very popular. Also, Seetha Eliya garden is a famous tourist attraction.
  2. Malaysia
    Malaysia is well known for the warmth that locals give to the tourists. While Malaysia boasts of serene beaches and rich marine life, the nightlife here is simply crazy. Malaysia is also popular for its national parks. The theme park of Genting is the main tourist attraction here.
  3. Bhutan
    Bhutan is the world’s happiest country and is slowly becoming very popular amongst the tourists. The best way to reach Bhutan is going by road from Bagdogra. It is the nearest airport to Indo-Bhutan border and the road journey is simply mesmerizing. Bhutan is culturally very rich and you will get to experience Buddhism in all its glory. The 3.5 hours trek to the monastery of Tiger’s Nest is an experience of the lifetime while the unexplored natural terrains seem like paradise. Must visit cities in Bhutan are Punakha, Timphu, Paro, and Wangdu.
  4. Argentina
    Argentina is world’s eighth largest country and is a very colorful one. Buenos Aires is very popularly known as one of the most exciting cities in the world because of its nightlife. Other cities like San Telmo, Patagonia is popular amongst the tourists. San Telmo is home to some of the very exciting Bohemian restaurants. Also, must visit is Peninsula Valdes which is a nature reserve where you will get a glimpse of whales, penguins and dolphins.
  5. Hungary

    Budapest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a strange yet beautiful integration of 14th century architecture and modernization. People who have an interest in middle age architecture would simply love this place. Must visit architectural sites are Buda Royal Palace and Fisherman’s Bastion. Also, Margaret Island is very serene and tranquil and is loved by the tourists. This island is just 2.5 km long and is located in central Budapest. It is basically a popular recreational area for the locals.
  6. Greece
    Holiday in Greece is comparatively cheap at present because of its economic situation. Greece is a very surreal place and places like Santorini, Athens, Paros, Mykonos or Skiathos are very beautiful. The island of Ios is famous amongst party-lovers and is well known for its all-night long wild parties.
  7. Vietnam
    Vietnam is not very popular as a tourist place and hence has untouched beauty and is very beautiful. The country is “S” shaped and lies on the eastern side of Indo-China peninsula. Vietnam has timeless Asian culture and green rugged terrains, which would be an experience of the lifetime. Cities like Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Ha Long Bay are must-visit in Vietnam.

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