What All To Eat When In Mumbai. . .

Mumbai is the city of the dreams and the food. Mumbai holds such diverse and secular culture that there are now innumerable cuisines and food dishes available in various parts of the city. Whether you wish to have an expensive lavish meal or an inexpensive street food or just a snack, there are so many different choices available that it becomes difficult which one to choose! Every Indian city has a food specialty and the amazing street food is Mumbai’s. A great street food variety is what represents Mumbai. It adds to its charm. Here are few must have food items when in Mumbai:

  1. Kheema and SeekhParathas at Sarvi, Byculla
    Kheema and SeekhParathas are Mumbai people’s favorite breakfast. The combination is enjoyable and most of the Kheema serving joints are crowded from morning till lunch hours. Sarvi in Byculla, Gulshan-e-Iran in Crawford Market and Olympia Coffee House at Colaba are well known Kheema serving places in Mumbai.
  2. Sardar Pau Bhaji, Tardeo
    Pav is sort of staple food for Mumbaikars. They love to have Pav with almost everything. While, PavBhaji is one of the most popular street foods in Mumbai and there are loads of joints that serve Pavbhaji;Sardar’sPavBhaji is the most preferred one. It is a five-minute walk from Central Station and serves totally fresh and lip-smacking bhaji.
  3. PaniPuri at ElcoPaniPuri Center
    PaniPuri stalls are at every single corner of this city. But if you prefer to have “hygienic” pani-puri, then visitElcoPaniPuri Center. They serve the potato-filled puris blended with tarmarind sweet-sour mineral pani served with slight hints of garam masala which is not only yummy but the taste will remain with you for years to come.
  4. The Bombay Sandwich at Amar Juice Center
    A tangy sandwich layered with ingredients like cucumbers, onions, potatoes, beetroot, cheese, mint chutney, and tomatoes, this sandwich whether toasted or regular will make you feel that this is the best sandwich you can ever have.
  5. BrunMaska at Kyani& Co.
    Brun or locally known gultipao is hard, crumbly and crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. This local bread is sliced and loads of butter is applied on which sugar is sprinkled. Have it with some hot steaming tea and it would make a perfect combo. Don’t forget to dip it in the chai before putting it in your mouth.
  6. Badshah’s Falooda
    Falooda is a rich Persian drink, which is well mixed with almonds, basil seeds, pistachios and rose syrup. The drink is topped with one or two scoops of ice cream. Badshah’sFalooda is very popular and is one busy eatery.
  7. Samosa with Chole at Guru Kripa, Sion
    This dish is a must-try for street food lovers. Here samosas are served with chickpea gravy and are garnished with onion and coriander. Have it with sweet-lassi and you would have a gala time savoring this dish.
  8. IceCream Biscuit at K. Rustom, Churchgate
    Your street food experience is incomplete if you have not been to K.Rustom. This place serves a variety of ice-cream flavors between two pieces of wafers. You name the flavor and you will find it here. Few popular ones are Almond Crunch, kacchikeri, chocolate, raspberry, strawberry and much more.

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