10 Interesting Stories Behind Your Favorite Cocktails. . .

How well do you know your cocktail when you order one? Not many of us are sure about their origin. This is why, we have got some interesting stories about some of your favorite cocktails. So the next time you go to a bar, you can be sure about its whereabouts. So cheers!

  1. Martini
    Its exact origin is still being debated. Some say that it is just an updated version of Martinez. Others claim that its name originated from an Italian company named Martini & Rossi. According to other claims, it was invented and named after a New York bartender Martini di Arma di Taggia.
  2. Bellini
    It was invented by Giuseppe Cipriani and the inventor named it so because the color pink of the cocktail reminded him of the Toga of a Saint in the painting created by the painter Giovanni Bellini.
  3. Mojito
    It took its name from a Cuban sauce called ‘Mojo’ in Spanish and Mojito literally means ‘a little mojo’.
  4. Margarita
    The word translates to ‘daisy’ in Spanish. According to the claims, this drink is another version of a Texan cocktail called ‘tequila daisy’.
  5. Mai Tai
    Mai Tai means ‘nice’ in Tahitian. The drink was claimed to be invented by Victor J. Bergeron for his Tahitian friends. They had the drink and exclaimed Mai Tai and ended up naming it accidentally.
  6. Manhattan
    They say that it was first made at the Manhattan Club in the late 1800s for a banquet hosted by the mother of Winston Churchill.
  7. Bloody Mary
    There are many theories behind its origin. According to the most interesting one, the drink was named after a waitress named Mary who worked at a bar called Bucket of Blood.
  8. Mimosa
    The drink is named because of its yellow-orange color that resembles the Mimosa plant.
  9. Black Velvet
    This drink was first created in London in 1861 to be served at a mourning of Prince Albert to symbolize the purple or black armbands worn by the mourners.
  10. Pink Lady
    The drink is created in honor of Hazel Dawn and is named after 1911 Broadway Musical by Ivan Caryll.

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