10 Fool-Proof Ways To Crash Any Indian Wedding. . .

Crashing a wedding is fun, isn’t it?! Ask those who have been there, did that. It may sound funny but there are still many of us who have it on our bucket list. It takes guts and more importantly a solid plan. Here are we, presenting you a sure shot plan to crash any Indian wedding successfully in 10 ways –

  1. Do your homework well
    First thing first. Do your homework. Make a mental note of who’s who. You must know who is marrying whom, family name etc. or else you will have to say goodbye from the door.
  2. Carry the shagun ka lifafa
    Just in case the doubt arises, you must carry an empty envelope. You know it will give you an edge.
  3. Beware of the Aunty Jis
    The Aunty Jis are always the ones with spying intentions. So beware. Try to patayofy aunties if the situation seems out of control.
  4. If you notice people eyeing on you or approaching you, pretend you are on phone.
    Use your phone as a weapon. Simply act like you are making important arrangements on phone about the wedding.
  5. Don’t jump on the buffet
    We know you are hungry and the wedding food is making you salivate. But exercise some control and don’t gather eyeballs by acting like a food monster.
  6. Pose for pictures, shake a leg
    Try to blend in by posing amongst the groups for the pictures. Even better, burn the dancefloor.
  7. Stay safe by being one of the hosts
    If nothing works, greet every baarati and be one of the good hosts.
  8. Try to blend in by greeting random people and asking them about the food
    Act like you are ladkiwalas and ask people about the food and stuff.
  9. Gather information about the bride and groom on Facebook
    Now that you have the basic information about the wedding, try stalking the bride and the groom on Facebook to get more of it.
  10. If someone asks you who you are, say “Mubarak, ab hum toh rishtedaar hain” and walk off
    If you feel like you are on the verge of being caught, hug that person and give some mubarakbaat.

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