The Good And The Bad Things About The ‘Currency Ban’. . .


  1. Cleaner India
    The primary aim of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plans to make India “Swacch Bharat”- geographically, politically and economically is getting fulfilled. more or so.
  2. Useless bank notes of large denominations
    Well, that’s the initial reaction of these bank notes’ beholders. Well, that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?
  3. Happy news for those who have smaller denominations
    And its Diwali for those who have got smaller bank notes or in other words, ‘change’ with them.
  4. Unhappy news for those who have been saving their 500,1000 denominations
    The reaction for people around them is pretty evident. You know, the cat is finally out of the bag.
  5. All Black Money being turned into’ White’
    The entire ‘janta’ makes way to the local banks and post offices. Why? Nation wants to know!
  6. Negative feedback from the opposition
    Congress, AAP, TMC is continually warning Modi ji and repeatedly making negative remarks.
  7. Inconvenience to the “Aam Aadmi”
    The distressed ones who came back with empty hands after standing for 6 hours in the queue, they are on the verge of collapsing!
  8. Societal Disruption and flare-ups
    Well, the short-tempered ones who are physically and emotionally tired be like.
  9. The Anti-Corruption Branch is the happiest
    This is because the value of old 500 and 1000 rupee notes is nil now.
  10. Corrupt, Black-marketeers in disarray
    Now the black marketers have no idea what they will do with their piled up currency notes.
  11. Good Bye Black Money aka “Kaala Dhan”
    The whole nation is jumping with joy that finally, we would be able to grapple the parallel black economy.

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