9 Fun Things To Do With Your Sister Before She Gets Married. . .

You have grown up with her, shared your childhood with her, she is your best friend and is irreplaceable in your life. Watching her get married will surely be difficult for you, you may feel a void that can never be filled. So why not spend few memorable days with her and spend such days that will remain forever with you. Here are few ways you can spend some quality time with your sister before she gets married:

  1. GET PAMPERED 1giphy.com Get a haircut, book a spa, get a manicure-pedicure and just spend few hours getting pampered. Gift her some saloon services and join her there. It would be a perfect way to spend some time together.
  2. A ROAD TRIP 2giphy.com What better way to make those last days memorable than to go on a road trip with her. Maybe take some mutual friends along and convert that trip into a perfect Bachelor’s trip. Go crazy, take lots of photos and just make it special for her. Visit new places and try out local food. It would be a special trip.
  3. GO SHOPPING 3giphy.com No one can say no to this and nothing can be more fun than this. Shop till you drop. Buy stuff for each other and maybe get her wedding shopping done in the process. Buy matching outfits and take crazy photos.
  4. A PAJAMA PARTY 4giphy.com Make a normal night into a memorable one by having a pajama party. Get drunk, order pizzas, dance like crazy, make some Maggi, talk about everything under the sun and make it memorable. It would be a night to remember.
  5. MOVIE MARATHON 5giphy.com Some favorite movies, a big bowl of popcorn and some soft drinks would make a great hangout plan. Whether you watch movies on a DVD or a theater it doesn’t matter. Watching movies back-to-back is a great idea to spend some time together and it would be a memorable day.
  6. JOIN A CLASS TOGETHER 6giphy.com This is a great way to spend some time before your sister gets married. Find something that you both love to do and join a class. Like a new language, a cooking class, aerobics class or a dance class. This way you will be doing something together and would be very memorable.
  7. GET A SIMILAR TATTOO 7giphy.com If you wish to do something crazy, get a similar tattoo. It would be a bonding type of thing and this would remain with you for the rest of your life. Even if you don’t agree on getting similar tattoos it doesn’t matter. After all, you will be together for the whole process.
  8. GO TO A PARTY TOGETHER 8giphy.com Go to a dance club and party like crazy that night. Invite some friends if you wish to and make that night a memorable for your sister. Or if you are not into something that crazy, maybe you can keep it simple by having a karaoke night or something similar.
  9. MAKE A SCRAPBOOK 9giphy.com Be creative and gift her scrapbook. Include all her life’s major events, your photos with your parents and make it something she would cherish. Use the good, bad and weird photos. It will be something that would make her ‘senti’!

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