Struggles Only Someone Living In Delhi Will Understand. . .

It is said that “ Dilli sheher hai dil walon ka”. But there is much more to Delhi than just dil! Here is a list of struggles that only someone living in Delhi can understand.

  1. We involve ‘Mera Baap’ way too much
    image1If ever you get into a fight in the capital city you will hear the other person say, “ Tu jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai?” Especially if there is alcohol involved, people forget everything and try to suppress the other person by showing off the credentials of their father rather than their own credentials.
  2. Girls are way too hot
    Well, this goes without saying that the girls from Delhi have extraordinary dressing sense and they are always overdressed. You can take them to a party the way they wake up in their pajamas. There are times when you see a girl hitting the gym, and you wonder whether she is just back from a party last night.
  3. The crowd looks good till they do not open their mouth
    Haven’t you met that guy or girl who speak like, “I didn’t knew that”! I mean hello???? Which book did you refer for your grammar?! These are the same people who talk English that sounds like their language, “Let’s go driving in the rad car and we will fill in patrol on the way.”
  4. The weather is on extremes.
    Whether winters or summers, Delhi has the extremes of both. In summers, you feel like you will get roasted like a papad and in winters, you are almost on the edge of becoming kulfi. The city has nothing called pleasant climate. All thanks to the janta, we now have smog too.
  5. It is all about the bling
    There is way too much bling in Delhi. From Chandani Chowk to mohalle ki auntyperneurs, everyone is just too blingy. There are times when you need to wear your reflectorsjust because you see too many Bappi Lahri’s walking around.
  6. Traffic can make you cry
    There may be times when you left your home on time but by the time you reach office or the meeting, you are three hours late. Well, God bless you if you are on roads in Delhi during the rainy season. You might have to call for Pizza delivery in your car.
  7. It is all about show off
    The people in Delhi love to show off their BMW’s, their Audi’s, their shopping bills, their new home etc etc etc. The list is never ending. But most of the times the things they show off about is, exaggerated.
  8. Men in Delhi fall in love everyday
    Have you not heard them say, “Bhai, Aaj se ye teri bhabhi hai.” And next day they would say the exact same line for someone else. Men in Delhi are preys of love.

Well, in the end we will say that the city can also have the Kurkure USP and say, “ Tedha hai par mera hai.” There is no other city in the world that has the charm of Delhi. Someone who has lived once in Delhi will always have a soft corner for the city. And still brag by saying, “ Pata hai Delhi mein…….” And the story continues.


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