Things You Will Miss Once You Leave College. . .

We all love college for the sweet memories it creates, for the friends we meet here, for the ragging we face, for the credits we take while hogging in the canteen, for the night outs we take, for the sweetheart we meet, for the breakups and patch up that happen here, and for the endless other things that make us grow up and get ready to face the world outside.
Here is a list of things that you will miss the most once you graduate and walk out of those college gates.

  1. Bunking:
    After spending almost fourteen year banwaas in your school, the moment you land up in college you want to experiment life and the freedom you get.And mass bunking is like a cult in college. It is so much fun. Imagine a teacher walking into a class with no students. It is like karma, your teachers forced you to sit in the class when you were in school and now the ball is in your court.
    P.S. Two minutes silence for the students who study in colleges that do not have mass bunking and have attendance issues.
  2. Babe:
    There is always that one Babe in your class about whom all the boys dream of. But unfortunately she is either committed or you are friend zoned by her because she is way beyond your league. But the irony is that none of the boys stop trying, isn’t it? She has the ultimate advantage of getting free pick up and drop services, free phone recharge, free meals, her assignments are done by others, she cheats. So, practically her life is sorted. When you look back you always curse this babe.
  3. Backlog:
    It is said that you have an incomplete college life without a backlog. There is always that one subject that you don’t get. And no matter how much you try studying, at the end you end up saying, ‘ Yaar mere bas ki nahi hai. Chal so jaate hai’
    There are also times when the whole friend group gets a backlog because they thought they could do combined studies. And all they ended up doing was eating Maggi, talking random shit and passing out.
  4. Bike:
    College is all about bikes. It becomes even better if ‘The Babe’ sits behind you.The boys try to show off their new ride with the speed and girls love to sit behind and experience the thrill. Not to forget there are times when the police catch the boy and he doesn’t have money to even pay the fine.
  5. Beer:
    There is nothing like getting drunk with the little money you have. Beer becomes a tradition after backlogs. Well, I would say beer is a cult in college that soothes you after you have lost the babe, after you have had a backlog, after your friend found your bhabhiji, after your friend got placed. Beer is one constant thing that remains, and years later when you look back at college days it is with the beer and when you are with your group of friends.
    So, cheers to college life. Make the most of the 5 B’s Bunk, Babe, z xxBacklog,Bike and Beer while you can!!

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