Celebrities Who Hit The Headlines For Wrong Reasons. . .

Celebrities are those genres of people whom we idolize, revere, imitate and often equate with God. The reason is the way they strive to keep them prim and proper and appear politically correct every time they appear before the media. But come on, they are also people like us and “to err is human!”. As a result, there have been innumerable occasions where their image has fallen flat before the media and the public eye as they inadvertently spoke something not right or did something weird.
Let us see some of the celebrities who hit the headlines all for some issues gone horribly wrong.

  1. Justin Bieber
    He is undoubtedly the worst celebrity acknowledged by the media. This is a truth that he is not the best singer in today’s genre; he has often hit the headlines for his personal life. From his alleged patch up/break up with celebrity girlfriend Selena Gomez to puking on his audiences onstage, Justin did it all to grab eyeballs.
  2. Miley Cyrus
    The cute bubbly Hannah Montana aka Miley Cyrus from “High School Musical”, who used to be media’s favorite earlier, has now lost her reputation, thanks to her weird appearance and her music videos. Her music video of “Wrecking Ball” where she was fully naked got everyone jaw-dropped. Not to mention, her infamous “twerking” on the stage was vehemently criticized for being hideous.
  3. Kanye West
    This American rapper and songwriter, who is also the husband of self-made celebrity Kim Kardashian, was recently in news for his tiff with Taylor Swift. Kanye West blurted out some misogynistic lyrics regarding Taylor in his song album which goes like this, “”For all my Southside niggas that know me best / I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / I made that bitch famous,”. West’s wife, Kardashian defended her singer-husband, saying that Taylor has approved off the lyrics although the Swift admitted that she never approved of it.
  4. Hrithik Roshan
    Next in the list of celebrity news gone wrong is Hrithik Roshan, Bollywood’s Greek God. His tiff with actress Kangana Ranaut took a nasty turn when he shelved her from the upcoming flick tentatively titled “Aashiqui 3” and she retorted back to the media by saying that “silly exes” do these things. The media jumped to make this their headline and within a short time, everybody came to know about Hrithik and Kangana’s alleged love affairs gone horribly wrong.
  5. Salman Khan
    When we are talking about celebrities making wrong headlines, we cannot leave out Bollywood’s Robinhood Pandey aka Salman Khan. Right from his on/off affair with innumerable actresses, to the crushing a man on the footpath under his car in a drunken state, to the killing of black bucks, he has always been in the news. Recently, he took the media and the fans at a complete loss when he said after shooting for his film Sultan, he used to feel like a raped woman. Naturally, that didn’t go down well with the celebrity and the media circles; many of whom took to the social networking sites to vent out their frustration.

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