Things You Should Never Do In India. . .

Of late, we have been hearing a lot about India and its intolerance. But being an Indian, I can tell you this for sure, ‘India mein sab kuch chalta hai’ but there are only a few things that you need to watch out for. Here is a list of that ‘Be careful things’:

  1. Accepting anything with the left hand
    In India, you do not give anything with the left hand, as it is considered unholy. Well, the reason primarily being left hand is the butt washing hands; well you know we use the Indian style toilets here. God bless you if you are a lefty in India.
  2. The foot rule
    If you accidentally step on something you will have to remember God unlimited times. You will see people asking for forgiveness and praying to God as if they just murdered someone.
  3. No kissing in public
    Indians are known worldwide because of their stare. And, If you kiss in public people will stare at you as if you have committed some crime. No kidding, there is a group in India called ‘ Bajrang Dal’ who might even force you to marry the guy you kissed in public.
  4. Shake a woman’s hand
    Indians follow the Namaste rule. We do not shake hands of a lady. If she offers first it is okay. But if you offer to shake hands or kiss the lady on her hand, you might be given the title of ‘Tharki’ or in other words,pervert.
  5. Look at the cow and think….Beef YUMMY!!
    You can fantasize about hogging on beef, but don’t be open and talk about it to an Indian. In India, cows are considered holy worshiped. There are some states in India that have a ban on beef.
  6. Wear shorts and show off leg
    Indians have double standards, they are ok with ladies showing off ten inches of their tummy.But, it is not okay to show your legs. Moreover, the creepy look that you will get from the crowd will certainly force you to wear salwars next time you walk out.
  7. Offer to do the dishes
    If you do that mistake be assured that you will spend the night at the friend’s place who you decided to help. Indians do not believe in the concept of one pot or two pot meals. There are at least a hundred utensils when a family eats in India!
  8. Call elders by their first name
    You will often hear employees go ‘ Saaaar.’ Using words like Sir, Ji or Shree, is a must for someone who is elder to you.It is considered to be disrespectful if you call someone by their names only.
  9. Say anything against cricket
    Cricket is a cult in India and you cannot pinpoint that you do not like cricket. Your Indian friends may boycott you for saying that you dislike cricket and you enjoy soccer and badminton more. Understand cricket is like a religion in India and Sachin Tendulkar is considered God.Let us know if you have had any other experiences with things not to do in India.

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