12 Things You Should Never Apologize For. . .

Do you worry too much? Always end up apologizing to others? You certainly need to re-think again. Often there are situations where an apology is unnecessary. Here are those 12 things where you should never offer an apology. Ever!

  1. For saying ‘No’
    Respecting your own ideas is a sign of self-respect. No matter what, never say ‘sorry’ for saying no to others. It is also a sign of being a good leader.
  2. Wanting to be alone
    You always need time to take care of yourself. So take out the ‘me time’ without having to justify to someone else or saying ‘sorry’.
  3. For loving someone
    There are so many people in the world who do not like to take the risk with love. Celebrate the fact that you are a daring one and the fact that you have an ability to love.
  4. Following your dream
    Never ever apologize for having a dream that clicks with you no matter what people say about it. Keep dreaming on.
  5. For having your priorities straight
    Take care of your priorities first and never let anyone make you feel guilty about them. People who understand you will respect your choices.
  6. Ending a toxic relationship
    If someone hurts you or in turn hurts himself, there is no point keeping yourself stuck in that relationship or feel guilty. Never feel sorry for letting that person or relationship go.
  7. For not knowing something
    If you don’t know an answer to something, be gentle to yourself. It is okay not to know everything in this world. You are not on a constant quest of knowledge or competing with anyone.
  8. For spending on yourself
    Never apologize for treating yourself good. Splurge on yourself and make yourself feel special to live a fulfilled life.
  9. Bad dancing
    Don’t know how to dance? Well, dance anyway. Never apologize for bad dancing, keep shaking that leg, hey!
  10. Telling the truth
    Always remember that strong people stick to the truth. So never feel sorry about telling the truth.
  11. Staying in bed all day
    Spending weekend lounging on your couch and doing nothing? Well, you deserve that indulgence once in a while so no more apologies.
  12. For keeping yourself first
    It is indeed the most rewarding thing – to put yourself first before others. You don’t need to feel sorry about it because you are worth it.

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