These 12 Travel Spots Are Andaman’s Best Kept Secrets. . .

The Andaman Islands are one of the most adventurous places in India. These intriguing islands consist of 300 small island groups and are known for their white-sand beaches. More than 50% of the area is unexplored. There are many secrets of Andaman and if you go there, you are surely in for a treat. Here is a quick run-through of Andaman’s best kept secrets to explore on your next visit –

  1. There are a couple of islands in Andaman which are named after the British officials who ruled them. Ross and Smith island, Neil Island, Port Blair are some of the amazing places not to be missed.
  2. The harbor cruise in Andaman has a panoramic view of the surrounding spots and it also takes a trip to Viper Islands which is another major place for sightseeing.
  3. Two major beaches of Andaman are amongst the best in the world – Vijaynagar Beach and Radhanagar Beach. These are famous for their white-sand beaches and ideal for the marine adventure.
  4. Barren Islands are home to the only active volcano in India.
  5. Andaman is the only place with mud volcanoes in India. Baratang is the place full of such mud volcanoes.
  6. A tour in island park offers some breathtaking views of the tropical rainforest, underwater coral and marine life. The Mahatma Gandhi National Park at Wandoor is a perfect place to start with.
  7. Fancy a spot full of parrots? There is a tiny Parrot Island near Baratang which is home to thousands of parrots.
  8. At the Chatham Island, there is Asia’s biggest and one of the oldest sawmill lying over a tiny stretch.
  9. Cinque Island is home to dolphins. If you are lucky, they will greet you as well.
  10. Karmatung beach in Andaman is a popular turtle nesting ground. Besides that, it is a popular attraction to enjoy the virgin nature and unpolluted marine life.
  11. Chidiya Tapu, also known as Bird’s island is an ideal spot to watch numerous chirping birds amidst the most beautiful sunsets.
  12. Samudrika is an anthropological museum at Port Blair which displays corals, marine archeology, rare shells and other uncommon decorative pieces.

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