21 Little Things We Forget To Thank Our Parents For. . .

When was the last time you hugged your parents and told them how much you love them? Too often, in our fast-paced world, we forget to slow down and appreciate all these little things that have a significant impact on our lives. We take a lot of things for granted, including our parents. Why not take a trip down the memory lane today and thank your parents for all these amazing things.

  1. No matter what we do or where we go – they always have our back!
  2. They are always proud of us, even when we are second-to-none. They are our biggest fans and cheerleaders.
  3. It doesn’t matter if we are 13 or 31 – they always let us know of our mistakes. They are our true north, and let us know of our pitfalls in the most constructive way.
  4. But it doesn’t matter what kind of mistakes we commit, they always forgive us in the blink of an eye
  5. They never stop listening to our complaints and even sailed through our dramatic teenage years
  6. They taught us everything. Literally, everything! From the right way to do the laundry to cooking some of the best family recipes – they took care of it all.
  7. They chauffeured us around when we were kids
  8. They made us realize that nothing compares to family
  9. They remember it all (our birthday, anniversary, graduation day, etc.) without the help of Facebook
  10. They taught us how to be responsible and make a life for ourselves
  11. They make us learn the difference between a “right” and an “easy” option
  12. They always give us the best food and even let us take the last bite of pizza
  13. They took care of us (and still does) even when we are sick. They love the dirty, germ-ridden, and disgusted us
  14. They taught us that sometimes love can be harsh. They made us follow thousands of rules while growing us. Thankfully, it was the only thing that kept us sincere (and sane)
  15. They have literally grown old with us
  16. They have been our shoulder to cry on from day one. Like, for real!
  17. They always see the good in us and encourage us to do better
  18. They taught us that money can’t buy everything! A few people (not things) are really worth holding for
  19. They always keep us grounded and whole. They have made us realize what it feels like to be home
  20. They love us unconditionally. Period.
  21. Most importantly, they believed in us when no one else did. And they still do.
    I couldn’t have made a single day without my parents. This one is for you, mum and dad! Thanks a lot, for being my biggest fan, supporter, guide, and everything else in between.

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