Fun Things To Do In Bangalore. . .

There are multiple fun-filled things to do in Bangalore for everyone. Whether you are visiting the city with your family or your friends, you will find something enjoyable to do. Bangalore is the IT City of India but whether you are looking to spend some time in lavish resorts, visit pubs or malls, you will find everything and more here. Here is a list of fun things that you can do in this city:

  1. SHOLAY ADVENTURE This is a fun-filled activity that would make you feel you are right in the midst of Sholay’s Ramnagar village. The village is on the outskirts of Bangalore. Go on this biking adventure and visit the countryside where the song “Yeh Dosti” was shot and visit the hills where the infamous “Nach Basanti” was shot.
  2. VISIT VARIOUS PUBS AND LOUNGES Bangalore people love to party. The city comes to life on weekends. There are various pubs and lounges like ABC, Skyee City Bar, High, Hoppipola and many more that are a must-visit when you are in the city. Even if you are not into drinking, visit these places to get an experience of lightings and the party atmosphere.
  3. GO CAMPING TO SAVANDURGA Savandurga is about 60 kms away from Bangalore and is known to be one of the largest block types monolith hills in Asia. Camping to Savandurga can be kept as one-day activity or can also be kept as overnight outing activity. Savandurga is very popular amongst caving and camping enthusiasts.
  4. TAKE THE MAKALIDURGA TREK Makalidurga is very beautiful and tranquil place having the topography of green vegetation and granite boulders. It is one of the most visited and popular trekking destination near Bangalore. It is at the distance of 60 kms from Bangalore and makes a great getaway place. Makalidurga has an elevation of 1350 meters and overlooks a very beautiful River Hillock.
  5. HAVE VARIOUS TYPES OF PANI-PURI Pani-Puri is normally loved by all and is the most popular street food. So when in Bangalore have different kinds of pani-puris. Ever imagined having Pani-Puri with vodka or coconut water? Surely not! Here in Bangalore, you will find both of these. Also available here is “floating pani-puri” which is exactly the opposite of traditional pani-Puri.
  6. VISIT TOIT’S BREWERY Toit is India’s one of the best microbrewery. It is located at Indiranagar and gives a feel of a European pub. The place is spread over three floors and has a very warm, welcoming feel to it. It is worth experiencing. Also, the food is very delicious and the visit will be very memorable.
  7. RIVER RAFTING IN BHEEMESHWARI Bheemeshwari is at about 102 kms away from Bangalore and a visit to this place is never complete without rafting in the Cauvery River. This would make an exhilarating experience. There are other activities too like trekking and wildlife spotting in which you can indulge.
  8. BIG BANYAN TREE CYCLING Big Banyan Tree is spread over 3 acres and is located at about 3 kms away from Manchanbele Dam. It is a popular tourist attraction. Normally the assembling time is 6.30 am and the cycling route is 32 kms long. This makes a quick weekend destination for Bangalore people.

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