14 Funny Illustrations That Depict Love v/s Lust. . .

Love or Lust? This is probably the most tricky question for our generation. Here are 14 utterly hilarious graphics that will give you a better definition of the two. Why? Well, because pictures speak a thousand words, folks! 

  1. School Time Situation be like 1trekbbs.com
  2. First Date 2mensxp.com
  3. Better Dates 3collegehumor.com
  4. Chilling Out 4collegehumor.com
  5. When you are not sure if its either of the two! Love or Lust? 5cartertoons.com
  6. “I will handle it” kinda Relationship 6collegehumor.com
  7. How Thoughts matter 7collegehumor.com
  8. When you finish your work together- Definitely Love 8huffingtonpost.in
  9. How some see the beauty! 9collegehumor.com
  10. When making out 10collegehumor.com
  11. Old Age Scenario- Hard to decide huh? 11pakistanaffairs.pk
  12. Love of the Birds 12gibbleguts.com
  13. Some Cricket? 13pinterest.com
  14. And some Politics? 14pinterest.com

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