11 Things That Men And Women Do Differently. . .

When they say that Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, they say it right! Look at both of us, we are so different. It is in the way we do things, we think or we feel, for that matter. Well, it’s not only a little stuff, men and women do every important thing differently. Here are 11 things that make them different yet unique –

  1. Men are bad talkers, unlike women. If they had their way, they will neither listen nor talk.
  2. They tie bathrobes differently, well yes!
  3. Women can be really pushy, like literally when they are super pissed. They think everything through and filter the entire day through their mind. They just take things far more seriously.
  4. Male tears are a rare sight as they rarely cry, unlike women.
  5. Men and women have different mindset working on survival plans.
  6. Men’s idea of dressing up is to suit up for special or formal occasions. Well, that’s the only choice they have, unlike women who can adorn multiple avatars.
  7. Men choose to ignore it all.
  8. Men and women undress differently. That’s because men’s clothes are loose, unlike women’s close fitted ones. So the ‘men method’ to take off a tee just doesn’t work.
  9. They cope up with issues in different manner. While women like to discuss, men like to hook onto TV.
  10. They even yawn in different ways. Women usually use open palm while men cover with a fist.
  11. Women will even shop for things that she doesn’t need just because they are on sale. Men will spend only when they need something irrespective of sale.

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