22 Struggles Only People In A Long-distance Relationship Can Understand. . .

They say if your relationship can surpass the “long distance” phase – then it can overcome anything at all. It is definitely not as easy as they show in romcom movies and chic-lits. It can be the toughest phase for any couple as it truly tests the foundation of a relationship. If you have ever been (or still are) in a long-distance relationship, then you can easily understand these usual struggles.

  1. Your entire schedule revolves around your partner’s time zone
  2. You constantly struggle in order to manage your time. Should I spend some time with friends or family? Naaah! I have to spend it with my laptop!
  3. Your phone becomes more than just any other gadget. It becomes your lifeline.
  4. Unfortunately, due to its over-usage, you always keep running out of battery.
  5. You either wake up way too early…
  6. … Or sleep super-late every single night! Either way, you are always sleep-deprived.
  7. You take a significant amount of time while discussing everything regarding your future with your partner. You plan it all in your head!
  8. There are moments when you just wish to hold your partner’s hand and feel their touch
  9. But almost every night you have to console your aching heart.
  10. Just a glimpse of your significant other melts your heart. Long phone and video calls are all that you get.
  11. You can talk dirty to your partner all night long!
  12. You get jealous of all those people who get to see your partner every day (including their friends and family)
  13. You also get jealous of your friends who get to see their significant-other almost every single day
  14. You realize that all the relationship drama that your friends are facing is just a piece of cake!
  15. This makes you value your relationship more than ever. You stop fighting on small and irrelevant things.
  16. With time, trust and honesty become the foundation of your relationship
  17. Planning any big event (holiday, birthdays, etc.) becomes such a huge task for you
  18. But with time you become a pro planner!
  19. You keep checking travel websites and apps just to grab a great deal
  20. Unlike other friends of yours, you try to save as much as you can. You don’t buy stuff or invest your savings. You use that money to visit your partner and given them a surprise!
  21. Whenever you meet your significant other, you get overwhelmed with emotions. You make the most out of every single moment you spend with them. Unlike everyone else, you know how precious it is to be with the one you love.
  22. While nothing compares to meeting them, it is the painful goodbye that haunts you for the nights to come. With a heavy heart (and plenty of new memories), you leave their presence only to restart the same cycle.
    22SourcePhone calls. Instant Messaging. Skype. Late Night Chats. Months of saving. Hours of planning. A few days of togetherness followed by a painful goodbye.If you haven’t been in a long-distance relationship, then you can never understand the pain and anguish of it. It makes you a whole new person. But most significantly, it strengthens your relationship in the most unimaginable way. And that makes it so damn worth it!

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