32 Things You Should Never Say On Your First Date. . .

Dating is hard! We all have been to at least one horrifying first date that left us with plenty of awkward moments. If you don’t want to sail in the same boat, then try to speak sense. Instead of coming out as a stalker, why not have a thoughtful conversation with your date. Whatever you do, just don’t ever… ever think of speaking these borderline creepy things on your first date.

  1. “LOL” – you don’t say it. You write it!
  2. “You remind me of my mother. You know – the younger version of her.”
  3. “Oh! I thought that YOU would pay!”
  4. “I want to have a partner who can financially support me!” *Gold-digger alert*
  5. “I swear we would make beautiful kids together!”
  6. “Your skin is so soft. Which moisturizer do you use?”
  7. “I think I love you”/ “I want to love you”/ “I LOVE YOU!”
  8. “You remind me of my brother/sister.”
  9. “You remind me of my ex.”
  10. “I know! I can be a jerk sometimes!”
  11. “So my therapist was telling me not to speak to my ex anymore. Such a weirdo!”
  12. “I feel a lot. I don’t know why, but I just feel everything so much!”
  13. “There is so much sadness in this world, right?”
  14. “So how is this entire (online) dating thing going on for you?”
  15. “Wow! This is exactly where I met my ex for the first time!”
  16. “Are you not having any fun?”
  17. “Ah! I think you are just not that into me.”
  18. “Whom are you texting?”
  19. “I have to attend this call. It will just take a minute. I will be back, I swear!”
  20. “I’m not looking for anything serious right now.”
  21. (Complete silence)
  22. “I just miss her/him so much!” *starts crying*
  23. “I’m just going to have a salad.”
  24. “Wow! We should definitely travel together.”
  25. “Have you thought of maybe… losing a few pounds?”
  26. “My mom/dad is my best friend.”
  27. “So for how long have you been single?”
  28. “My friends think that I’m too cheesy and clingy. I just love the idea of love, you know. I always want to give my best in a relationship!”
  29. “You won’t mind if I blog about this date, right?”
  30. “I don’t know! I think I’m just never going to find someone. I will be alone my whole life!”
  31. “What are you thinking?”
  32. “So… your place or mine?” – NO! Just. Don’t. Do. It!
    Make the right choice. Speak the right words. Don’t be THAT guy or girl who can’t move past a first date.

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