14 Things That Will Describe Your State Of Mind If You Don’t Know How To Dance. . .

You might not be a bad dancer but you just don’t like to dance in front of people. Well, that’s the problem of everyone who doesn’t know how to dance when someone drags him/her to the dance floor. You are just filled with the horrible anxiety and of course, you tend to forget the moves. Here are 14 things that will describe your state your state of mind aptly in such events –

  1. When you are learning from other people’s dance moves and you are thinking to yourself, this is not dancing! 1tumblr.com
  2. You dread the thought of dancing in a pub. 2media.giphy.com
  3. That explains your fear of going to Zumba classes or aerobics for that matter. 3imgur.com
  4. When you actually make an effort to dance on your best friend’s wedding but people be like “Dude, you having an epilepsy attack or what?” 4media.tumblr.com
  5. Dance floors are a complete no! That’s why you go to the club and stay confined to the bar only. 5media.giphy.com
  6. Well, you are just being modest. After all, you don’t want to steal the limelight of guys like these at a wedding. LOL! 6skithub.com/
  7. When DJ plays a popular song, seems like everyone except you know the perfect steps. So you simply step aside. 7media.tumblr.com
  8. You just can’t dance unless you are two pegs down. 8media.tumblr.com
  9. And when it kicks in, you shake a leg too. 9buzzfed.com
  10. Still, dancing at weddings is your worst nightmare. 10imgur.com
  11. Perhaps, Sunny paji dances better than you. 11media.tumblr.com
  12. You can never imagine wooing your partner with dance moves like these. 12media.tumblr.com
  13. You are afraid that you can actually hurt someone with your dance moves. 13media.tumblr.com
  14. You enjoy the party till people ask you “why aren’t you dancing?” 14indiatoday.intoday.in

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