8 Times The Simpsons Made Correct Prediction About The US Through Their Comics. . .

With Donald Trump all set to become the 45th President of the US, the news of the Simpsonian prediction going right once again is making the rounds. For those who don’t have the faintest idea about what The Simpsons is, let us introduce you to it. The Simpsons is one of America’s most popular and highest grossing animated sitcom produced by the Fox Broadcasting Company. The show which is a satirical take on the working class life and culture of America has been in news quite a number of times for their accurate depiction of events taking place in the US which actually happened years later! Sounds interesting? Let us see 8 such coincidences which The Simpsons predicted and that happened in real!

  1. Donald Trump winning the election

    Let’s start with this bizarre incident. This event was telecasted in the episode titled “Bart to the Future” in 2000. The episode predicted that the Trump administration is ruling America and Lisa, a character, is sitting inside the Oval office.
  2. The Rolling Stone is on a world tour

    The 1995 episode, named as “Lisa’s Wedding” showed that Lisa’s fiancée has a poster in the room which claimed that The Rolling Stone will go on for a world tour in 2010 which was correct. The same episode showed that the lead characters are communicating through some kind of electronic watches. This again came true when Apple brought out their range of watches.
  3. Voting machines being rigged

    The 2008 episode showed that the voting machines were rigged during elections which counted votes for the Republican Party although people elected Obama. The same problem occurred during the 2012 election.
  4. Giant Tomatoes

    There was news of some giant mutated tomatoes growing around a nuclear plant in Japan. The same thing was shown in The Simpson episode named “E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)” where one of the central lead Homer poisoned his crops with tobacco.
  5. Horse Meat

    The Simpson showed that in 1994, the Springfield Elementary School was shown hiding a sinister secret of using horse meat in the cafeteria. 20 years later, the same event took place in a school where the investigator caught hold of horse-meat laced burgers.
  6. Ebola

    The 1997 episode called “Lisa’s Sax”, one of the central characters Marge suggests that Bart, who is sick read a book named “Curious George and Ebola Virus”. The outbreak of Ebola which was predicted in the sitcom actually happened 17 years later in 2014.
  7. Higgs Boson

    The 1998 episode, called “The Wizzard of Evergreen Terrace” showed Homer Simpson is doing some complicated equation on the blackboard. The equation is about weighing the Higgs Boson particle which was discovered finally in 2013.
  8. The Roy Tiger Attack

    The Simpsons, in one of their episode called “Springfield” showed how magicians Siegfried & Roy were mauled by a tiger while they were performing in a casino. In 2003, the prediction came true while the duo was attacked by a tiger. Roy survived the incident.

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