Inexpensive Decor Ideas for Christmas. . .

With the Christmas just trailing by one month, you are excited and anxious about the holiday season approaching. You have the whole house to clean up as it is all messy thanks to your erratic schedule. Then comes the main part of the job- decorating the house for Christmas. All your friends and relatives will come over to your place and you need to make your house look good and well decorated.
So, here are some inexpensive decor ideas for Christmas you can try out.

  1. The Front Door
    The front door is the first thing that shall come to your mind. A well decorated front door is an excellent way to welcome whoever comes over to your house. Christmas tree branches, ribbon, and wreaths look good as an ensemble decoration on your entrance door.
  2. The Stair
    Don’t miss out the staircase when you are decorating your entire house, or else it will make your house look bland. You can decorate the guardrails with string lights or Christmas tree branches and nylon ribbons. Wreath or a plant pot at the beginning or at the end of the staircase looks nice.
  3. Decorate the wall with frames
    If you have old wooden frames lying at your store, it’s time to bring them out and use as a decor item for your wall. Spray the frames with some metallic base and then hang your old ornaments and accessories like trinkets, ribbons, buttons etc from the frame using glue. You can mix silver, gold and neutral colored ornaments as a combination of decor items.
  4. Bow Wreath
    If you think using flower wreath as expensive, you can use bows and ribbons for a change. They even look sassy and classy. Collect bows and ribbons of different colours and then attach them together using glue around a circular wooden ply. Anchor them on your window to complete your decor.
  5. Window base
    When you are designing the window, why keep the base bland? Stack all of your old ornaments, beads, ribbons and other things together and display them on a display tray at the base of your window.
  6. Candles
    Candles are a must for Christmas. Instead of placing the candles on the table in a normal way, think of going creatively. Take a tall glass, attach some seasonal tree branches around it with glue and then place the candle inside the glass container. You can use a number of glasses for this decoration.
  7. Wine Bottles
    image-7Don’t throw away the empty wine bottles. They can be an excellent decor item. Spray them with colours of your choice, and then cover them up with ribbons, beads, Christmas balls etc. Use your creativity to create designs according to your preferences.
  8. Light bulb
    The old light bulbs can work wonder as a decor item. Take some of the bulbs, paint them either as a snowman or penguin and then hang small wooden caps around the tungsten of the bulb. Let them dry and hang them from the hook. You can also write messages on it if you want.

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