Top 6 Hairstyle For Women With Short Hair. . .

These days we see a lot of Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities chopping off their Rapunzel long hair and carrying short hairstyles like a pro. Many think that short hair is only for the skinny girls, young women, long faced or longer necked woman. Well, now we tell you, let go of all these notions! What really matters is how you carry your hairstyle. Here is a list of sexy short hair for women of all ages.

  1. Piecey Pixie
    As the name suggests this hairstyle is a jagged piece disconnection of hair accented by an eye-grazing fringe. This hairstyle suits best for women with fine hair and oval, round or heart shaped face. Backcombing this hairstyle and deconstructing it with fingertips helps the hairstyle to stay for a longer time.
  2. Theresa
    The deep-parted chic look makes you look younger and gives your face that asymmetric look that takes a couple of years from your face. The beauty of this hairstyle is that it suits all face types. This hairstyle needs, blow dry and even flat ironing at the uneven parts.
  3. Susan
    The super girly, bouncy feather like curls, is not that easy to maintain. But if you learn the technique, you are on a roll. This hair styling needs a good amount of sectioning in hot rollers. If you have medium to dense hair, you may try this hairstyle. And who knows you may totally rock it!!
  4. Teased Bob
    This look has a lot of texture to it. The teasing adds a lot of volume to your hair and makes it look like you have got tons of hair. It is a sexy as well as a stylish pick. This hairstyle is suited best for women who have a longer face. You can use hairspray for a longer stay.
  5. Chopped Locks
    P.C.:Encorehd Magazine
    This is a definite head turner hairstyle. It is a funky yet fun hairdo to go for. This hairstyle is best suited for someone who is square, round, or heart faced. If you are a short height woman, this hairstyle probably works the best for you as it adds a few extra inches to your height. This hairstyle works best on naturally straight hair. To maintain the hairstyle, you need to blow dry from bottom to top and use a strong holding gel for the best result.
  6. Rock Chic

    This hairstyle is all about texture. There is a razor cut on both front and back. The choppy layer does not let anyone take their eyes from you. It is an amazing haircut. This hairstyle will suit women with oval, round, or pear face. You have got a bonus for yourself if you have a flat hair. This hairstyle does not need much maintenance, and it is all about flaunting the messiness of the cut. However, for the best look, you may blow your hair and add fun flicks and texture using hair wax.

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