Top Bollywood Posters Copied From Hollywood. . .

We all keep hearing that some Bollywood song composers shamelessly copy the Hollywood music and change it with Hindi words. But you will be surprised to see that even Bollywood movie posters are copied from Hollywood movies. I mean literally…. Dear Bollywood movie creative directors, are you that out of ideas? Well, my thought is someone better needs to replace you.
Well, here are some of those posters that could a be little more creative, and not copied.

  1. Ra-One/Batman
    Dear Batman,we would like to apologize sincerely for what happened. Ra-one sure was nothing like you. SRK has a huge fan following and it sure could be expected from anyone else but king khan himself.
  2. PK/ Quim Barreiros
    Who expects a perfectionist to copy? Ah! Sometimes even the best artist makes us raise our eyebrows because it is too hard to believe that they have a word ‘copied’ associated with them. But the Amir Khan Production movie PK has an uncanny similarity to the album cover of a Portuguese musician named Quim Barreiros.
  3. Ek Villian/ Step Up
    Ek Villian did a good box office collection. But this Shraddha Kapoor, Siddharth Malhotra, and Riteish Deshmukh starred film poster looks like it was directly copied and pasted from the poster of the movie Step Up.
  4. Heroine/ The lost Flamingoes of Bombay
    Kareena was much appreciated for her bold role of a lead actor in the movie Heroine. But it hits one of the copycat tags with Bebo lying on the bed, just like the cover of the novel The lost Flamingoes of Bombay released in the year 2009; three years before the movie Heroine.
  5. Hiss/King Arthur
    King Arthur released in the year 2004 had a striking resemblance with Mallika Sherawat’s Hiss. What can we say; Hiss was swiped out of box office like a grain sand in the tsunami. Hiss made a noise back in the year 2010 because of this copying business. Well, whatever is the case we would like to wish Mallika a better luck next time, both with the movies and posters.
  6. Anjana Anjani/ The Education
    This movie made quite an impact on the youngsters, but the movie poster looked like a carbon copy of a Hollywood movie The Education. Ranbir and PC we feel sorry that this made you also fall in the copycat posters category.
  7. Rowdy Rathod/ The Replacement Killers
    All we can say is Akshay Kumar’s ‘don’t angry me’ was meant literally. Looks like he was really annoyed when people did find out that the poster was an exact photocopy of the Hollywood movie The Replacement Killer.
  8. Aitraaz/ The Graduate
    Well, some posters are so similar that you end up wondering if they were shot at the same location. Don’t the poster look too similar to be called a mere coincidence?
    In case, you come across some more Bollywood copy paste posters do let us know. We are excited to see them!

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