12 Reasons That Make Delhi A Truly Epic City. . .

Delhi is the most vibrating mix of culture, tradition, and energy. Living in Delhi is a learning experience in itself. It has everything for everyone. You can actually be spoilt for choices if you choose to live here. Here are 12 reasons that make Delhi a truly epic city –

  1. Delhi is a fine blend of two worlds living together in harmony – the fascinating medieval world and the modern marvels. It gives you the nostalgia of history as well as a glimpse into the future. 1pixabay.com
  2. Delhi is Bollywood’s favorite as well. No other city can beat the locations and love Delhi has to offer. After all, it is Dilwalon ki dilli. 2tripoto.com
  3. Because Delhi has got the best street food ever. From jalebis to pani puri, Delhi loves flavors and serving it too. 3flickr.com
  4. You can go back into Mughal era anytime by walking into the lanes of Chandni Chowk. Its finger licking good and symbolizes the culture that Delhi had for generations. 4pinterest.com
  5. There is no other place to party like Delhi. In Delhi, people love to have fun. And the best part of living in Delhi is that it is the favorite destination for the artists to perform every year. 5indiaprwire.com
  6. Delhi is the treasure chest of the history of India. It has got the fascinating historical attractions all within a limited area. And yeah, Taj Mahal is also a couple of miles away. 6tajmahal.org.uk
  7. Delhi is a multicultural and multilingual place always offering so much to learn. Imagine you can make friends from all over India and across. 7indiatimes.com
  8. Delhi is a kaleidoscope of emotions. There are so many places to channel your inner photographer. You will find the most beautiful shots to click in this single city. 8trekearth.com
  9. Delhi is the pulse of the nation politically and emotionally. It is like the center stage of India that sends ripples to every corner of the country. 9businesstoday.in
  10. Delhi is undoubtedly the best place for shopping. You can find so many options for thrift shopping as well as high-end ones. It has got all that you need. 10thoughtfulshoe.wordpress.com
  11. Delhi is always having one event or the other. So you will never feel left out. There is a place for everyone in Delhi and you can always find your calling here. 11journeyb.com
  12. Delhi is a fun city to explore. You can go via foot, take the metro or simply do the city tour in the bus. It is full of hidden gems to explore. 12jmdr.com

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