6 Things You Thought Were Healthy Are Actually Unhealthy. . .

Taking care of yourself and being conscious about your well-being is one of the most important things. A little exercise, healthy food habits, good sleep is all it needs to be healthy. But, is it really so? Most of us build habits that we think are healthy but are not. Bad habits are sometimes very difficult to spot and it confuses us sometimes. Here is a list of a few things that you might want to reassess.

  1. Fruit Juice
    Many labels that promise you with a label of ‘Real Juice’ aren’t really fresh most of the times. They are loaded with sugar. Even when you have juices instead of the fruit you are basically taking out all the fiber, and just consuming sugar. So, next time you are really looking for some vitamin intake grab a fruit rather than the juice.
  2. The low fat food
    Just because you read a label that says ‘low fat’ doesn’t mean that you will grab all the packets that you can get your hands on. Sometimes, the low fat label can also make your mind go ‘OK’ I can eat as much as I want, and you end up eating a lot. Rather, go for smaller meals that have less fat content as well.
  3. Exercise, even when tired
    Do not exercise when you are tired, sick, or achy. It is important to give time to yourself to heal and recover well. You might feel better after exercising if you have a stuffy nose. But not if you are physically exhausted. When you stress yourself more than required your muscles don’t heal.
  4. Cutting an entire group of food
    There is a lot of anti-carb diet, fad diets, that are a hit these days. But the truth is that our body has complex mechanisms and it needs all food group nutrients to function well. Don’t go overboard thinking that quitting a particular food group may give you the desired figure you are looking for. Hence, it is important that you follow the right diet and stay healthy.
  5. Getting hooked to vitamins
    Getting hooked to vitamins can be dangerous because if you intake too much, it may produce toxins in your body. If you are about to get cold, you pop in some extra vitamins. Some take vitamin D tablets, but they are fat soluble and they should be taken as prescribed. You may take vitamin C tablets if you are feeling sick, but don’t let vitamins develop to dangerous levels.
  6. Napping a lot

    It sure is a great feeling if you get to nap, but overdoing it is unhealthy. Sleeping at 6 P.M and waking up past midnight, and hogging whatever you get your hands on is surely not a right thing. You  should have a routine and follow it. You should stick to your bedtime schedule. When you sleep to make sure you have a dark, peaceful room, so that when you wake up, you are absolutely fresh.

So, you see it can be tricky to manage healthy habit with so many confused messages from friends, family and the internet. Make sure whatever you pick, keep you healthy and safe.


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