Actors Who Have Transformed Their Body For A Movie Role. . .

Bollywood needs you to adapt; if you don’t, there are so many others who are more than willing to. Mumbai brings new fate every Friday and Bollywood brings new actors every Friday. If you do not perform here in Bollywood, you will be out of the market before you know it.

Actors go miles to get into the skin of the character they are about to play in the movie. Sometimes they need to bulk up, sometimes they need to be skinny, or maybe get those eight packs. These can prove unhealthy in the long run, but that is the need of Bollywood. So, here is a list of actors who transformed for a role.

  1. Aamir khan
    This guy is crazy, he really deserves a standing ovation when it comes to getting into the character. Aamir khan literally brought about this trend of getting into the character of the role that you are playing in the movie. No wonder people call him a perfectionist. He looked like a college student for his role in ‘3 idiots’ (2009), he had a ripping ab for ‘Ghajini’(2008), and now we are waiting to see him all bulky in the upcoming movie ‘ Dangal’(2016).
  2. John Abraham
    This man is known for his fitness, but he looked cute and totally ordinary for his movie ‘Jhoota hi sahi’ (2010). The actor got back in shape and depicted a larger than life character in his movie ‘force’(2011). Well, his transformation left everyone in the industry jabbed.
  3. Abhishek Bachan
    Sure you did not expect him to be on the list, but Abhishek went through a huge transformation from ‘Dhoom2’ (2006) to ‘Guru’(2007). His performance in the movie was much talked about. He played the role of a legendary businessman and did total justice to it.
  4. Priyanka Chopra
    Well, this list cannot be complete without the mention of PC. The desi girl has taken a big leap from Bollywood to Hollywood. She changed her accent for Quantico and she changed her physique as well for movies like ‘Mary Kom’. Her role of an ordinary girl in Gunday and her strong character in Mary Kom, both released in the year 2014. And Priyanka managed to tone up and down for both her roles. Hats Off to PC!!
  5. Bhumi Padnekar
    The talk of B town after her role in Dum Laga Ke Haisha, Bhumi did not look like the way she appeared in the movie. She bulked up to suit the role of a housewife. But, she transformed herself again and no kidding you wouldn’t believe what she looks like now!!!
  6. Randeep Hooda
    This guy dropped a ridiculous 18 kgs and became unrecognizably lean to fit his role as a prisoner in the ‘Sarabjit’. The story was based on an Indian National who was convicted by the Pakistani Government by mistake and never came home. On the other hand, he looked absolutely stunning in the movie Sultan, where he played the role of a coach. Guess what, both Sarabjit and Sultan released in the same year.I sometimes wonder how these actors lose 18 kgs and look absolutely stunning. The year 2016 has come to an end and I haven’t lost a single kilo! I am still planning which gym to join next and making my new year resolution to lose some weight in 2017!!

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