10 Signs That Show You Are Your Favorite Person. . .

Everyone has a role model. Most of the times it turns out to be the person you adore. But what if you are that person for yourself. To put simply, you are your own favorite, mentor, role model and everything practically. So if you love everything about you then clearly, you are your favorite. Here are the 10 tell-tale signs that prove the same –

  1. You are both self-obsessed and selfie-obsessed
    Your self-love is unbeatable. You clearly think of yourself as a diva and love taking selfies whenever you can.
  2. You love to have conversations about yourself
    You love taking part in conversations that are about you and if not, you know how to turn them around.
  3. You can perfectly associate yourself with Geet from Jab We Met
    You think that Geet is your doppelganger and just like her, you are your own favorite too.
  4. You disagree with the fact that Nobody is perfect
    You don’t go with that. Because you are nearly perfect in your own eyes, aren’t you?
  5. You think you are awesome and want people to be like you
    Sometimes you wonder why people can’t be like you. And if they were, there would have been so much awesomeness in the world.
  6. You don’t take negative criticism well
    You can’t take no for an answer. But more than that, you can’t tolerate people telling you something is wrong with your outfit or world. Damn!
  7. You love to dress up and spend hours in front of mirror
    You can spend hours in front of the mirror. Because let’s face it. You think you are the coolest person. And you don’t care what anyone else thinks about it.
  8. You keep on gifting yourself every now and then
    You love to splurge on yourself. You shop for yourself and keep on pampering yourself with treats. Hell yeah!
  9. You love to brag about yourself
    Your normal conversation consists of bragging about yourself. It might be awkward for others but it is perfectly normal for you.
  10. You are so good at taking compliments
    You love to compliments others and receive them too. It may be big deal for them but for you, it is normal. Because you believe that you deserve it.

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