Reasons Why Deepika Is The Queen Of Bollywood. . .

Deepika Padukone has come a long way from where she started. Her acting abilities, her amazing fashion sense, her attitude and personality are all something we can’t get enough off. She has been loved and admired by her audiences since her debut film and it has been a steady climb for her since then. It was no surprise when she roped in an upcoming popular Hollywood movie XXX along Vin Diesel. Here are a few obvious reasons as to why Deepika is the reigning queen of Bollywood:

  1. A GREAT CAREER JOURNEY1 Deepika has had a great start to her Bollywood journey now going towards Hollywood. There are few newcomers who get to start their film career with Shah Rukh Khan and actually pull it off brilliantly. She knows very clearly where she want to reach and she works towards that in a perfect manner. Her journey is what some may kill to have.
  2. A KITTY FULL OF AWARDS 2 Deepika has done justice to each and every role she has played and has earned accolades for that. All the three films she did in 2015 won hearts and did not have any movie release in 2016. She won her first Filmfare award for Om Shanti Om, Most Desirable Woman by TOI, NDTV’s Entertainer of The Year in 2013, Star Of The Year in 2014, India’s Most Beautiful Woman in 2015, an award for her performance in Bajirao Mastani in 2015. Well, that does say it all.
  3. EACH ROLE PLAYED PERFECTLY Deepika is so versatile that she has done more than justice to every role she has played. Be it playing the role of modern contemporary girl in movies like Cocktail, Race 2, Tamasha, Piku or playing a royal family girl in movie like Ram Leela, Bajirao Mastani and her upcoming movie Padmavati, she would be doing is perfectly and in convincing manner. Her acting in each of these movies has earned critical acclaim.
  4. GREAT FASHION SENSE 4 From the way she carries herself on the red carpet, public appearances to her dressing in her movies, she always turns heads. Whatever she wears becomes a fashion statement. Stylists and designers enjoy working with her since she makes clothes look good. Be it saree, a ghaghra-choli, a gown, a frock or shorts, she carries them with grace.
  5. GENERATING HIGHEST REVENUE FOR FILMS IN A YEAR Today the scenario is such that the producers are willing to put in more money than usual for Deepika’s films. The only reason being she is the only actor who made over Rs 600 Crore in a single year. Movies like Chennai Express, Race 2, YJHD, Bajirao Mastani and Ram Leela made headlines for the amount of money they made. None of the other big-shot actors have achieved this feat.
  6. OPENLY TALKED ABOUT HER DEPRESSION 6 Deepika was very vocal about her battling depression, which only made her more admirable. She made a point to develop social awareness about depression and how she overcame it. She even spoke out against controversies created about the video “My Choice” she starred in and the cleavage controversy.
  7. KNOWS WHERE HER PRIORITY LIES 7 She knows where her priority lies and what next to do. She is not the one who would leave something mid-way just to go for better. She was offered a role in ‘Fast & Furious’s next movie while she was in mid of doing Chennai Express. She declined the role because of her current commitments.

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