11 Everyday Struggles North Indians Face In South India. . .

If you are a North Indian, you will know how skeptical you can be when it comes to shifting to South India for work or such. You might like as many dosas and vada as you want, but you know that the struggle to move to South India is real. Here are 11 everyday struggles any North Indian would have faced at least once if he gets to live in South India –

  1. Language is the first barrier
    Try speaking Hindi with a South Indian and you will know. They will look down at you as if you are from another country.
  2. Food is all about rice and more rice
    It is sambar and rice on most days. Somedays when you are lucky, you might get some curd topping on rice.
  3. You miss winters like anything
    You miss the sweater weather terribly down in South.
  4. You feel like a complete outsider
    At workplace or mall or even in a restaurant, there will be days when you feel like a complete outsider.
  5. Pani puri and chaat are rare concepts
    You gotta leave your chaat cravings at home when you set out to South India.
  6. No leave on Holi or Lohri
    NO leaves on your favorite festivals, seriously!
  7. You are a North Indian translates to ‘You are from Delhi or Punjab’
    If you are a North Indian, it automatically means either you are a Punjabi or a Delhite.
  8. You feel hard to remember long names
    It’s one hell of a work, damn! The struggle is real.
  9. Everyone is a Rajinikanth fan
    The Bollywood posters will be as rare as chaat papdi. Because everyone is a Rajinikanth fan.
  10. You travel in flashy rides
    The rides are flashy and make no or little sense to your North Indian mind.
  11. You miss your cutting chai
    The local beverage is filter coffee so you definitely miss out on your cutting chai.

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