12 Hottest Ideas For This Year’s Christmas Celebrations. . .

There are just a few days left to Christmas. It is that time of the month when we are gearing up to indulge in the festive mood and party with our friends. Christmas is special for many reasons – the weather, red color everywhere, shopping, fun and whatnot. So if you are prepping up for the Christmas, here are 12 hottest ideas to celebrate this day like never before –

  1. Throw a Christmas-themed party at home
    For a fancy party celebration at home, have a themed party for Christmas. Themes like Masquerade Ball or White Christmas will turn the celebration into one big extravaganza.
  2. Go out for a Karaoke night
    Who doesn’t love a Christmas karaoke? So have a fun karaoke night outside at the best restaurant in the town and have crazy fun.
  3. Cook traditional Christmas dinner
    The traditional Christmas dinner consists of turkey and mashed potatoes along with baked vegetables. So you can feast upon a turkey and celebrate this day in traditional style.
  4. Plan a Christmas vacation to Goa
    Goa is synonymous with the celebration of Christmas. People from all around the world love to flock here and celebrate this day. Must visit the beautifully decorated churches!
  5. Hold a snowman building contest
    If you are from a cold place like Shimla, then holding a snowman building contest will be double the fun.
  6. Decorate person as Christmas tree
    You don’t have to miss out the fun if you prefer to stay indoor on Christmas. You can play this interesting game of decorating a person as a Christmas tree and click loads of pictures.
  7. Gift exchange at workplace
    You can hold a gift exchange at your workplace to let the people feel the Christmas spirit as well.
  8. Indulge in Christmassy games
    There are loads of games to indulge your evening into such as Stocking Guessing game, Name that carol game, Christmas tie game etc.
  9. Have fun at a photo booth with friends
    You can go check out a photo booth at a mall or make one at home with interesting backgrounds. It will be such a memorable thing to do on Christmas.
  10. Sing Christmas carols
    If you are a music buff, you got to jam with your band and sing Christmas carols by the campfire.
  11. Go shopping or find the best deals online
    Christmas is the ideal time to get your hands on the best deals and bargains on clothes or gadgets. So get ready to invest in one.
  12. Dress up as Santa
    Always dreamt of dressing up as a Santa? Well, do it this Christmas then. It will be one memorable experience for sure.

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