9 Best Rituals In Every Punjabi Wedding Explained. . .

The Punjabi weddings are known for their rich traditions and rituals. Just like Punjabis, their rituals are also fabulous and display the zest for life. Here are 9 best rituals that govern every Punjabi wedding along with the reason behind them –

  1. Chuda This ritual takes place early in the morning and involves the role of the eldest maternal uncle of the bride. He brings chuda or red and ivory bangles for the bride to be worn on the wedding day. 1fashion101.in
  2. Mehendi It is the last major function that happens in the bride’s house before the wedding. Mehendiwalas are called and then Mehendi is applied to the palms of the bride and her friends. It is considered auspicious for the bride. 2indiaopines.com
  3. Vatna The bride is made to sit so that all the friends and relatives apply vatna on her body. Vatna is a paste made from turmeric and mustard oil. The turmeric is used as a scrub and is considered to increase bride’s beauty. 3projectindianbeauty.com
  4. Ghara gardoli The bride and bridegroom are accompanied by their close relatives to the nearby temple at their respective homes where they are made to bath in the holy water or alternatively ghara (pitcher) is also brought home. Post this ceremony, they go to get ready for their wedding day. 4ritiriwaz.com
  5. Sehrabandi Sehrabandi is a ritual that involves tying of sehra on groom’s head. It is a pink colored turban with strings that cover groom’s face and is tied by his elders before he sets out to bride’s house for the wedding. 5flickr.com
  6. Ghodi chadna This ritual is for the bridegroom and involves riding on a horse to reach the wedding venue. The sister-in-laws also put the surma or kajal in groom’s eyes to ward off evil. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????pinterest.com
  7. Varmala The garlands or varmala is exchanged as soon as the bride comes to accompany groom on the wedding stage. It involves a lot of fun and teasing by the friends of both. 7dcecevents.com
  8. Phere This ritual seals the marriage and involves taking rounds around the sacred fire. Also, sindoor is put into the center parting of bride’s hair along with Mangala sutra. 8infotainment.jagranjunction.com
  9. Pani varna This ritual is performed by groom’s mother when the newly wedded couple reaches the groom’s house. In this step, groom’s mother performs aarti of the couple and drinks water from pitcher seven times during that. Also, the bride must push a pot of rice with her right foot as soon as she enters the house. This is considered to bring good luck into the house. 10cosminfoto.blogspot.in

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