28 People Who Are Having A Very… VERY Bad day. . .

If you think you are not having a good day today, then you have come to the right place. No matter how bad your day could be, these pictures are sure to bring a smile on your face. These people have been through hell – like, for real. I’m pretty sure that these 28 people are having a day that is a whole lot worse than yours.

  1. Just think of this guy in the yellow shorts. You certainly don’t want to be in his place, right?
  2. The perfect family photo that turned into a disaster move. I do not want to be that kid!
  3. This poor guy just wanted to open the lock
  4. Man! That would have hurt a lot.
  5. You don’t want to be that kid. Or that guy. Or that water balloon.
  6. I’m pretty sure that none of them will forget the ride of their life. They are neither rolling nor coasting (no pun intended).6Source
  7. The unlucky fellow whose Christmas present was a pure letdown.7Source
  8. Just when she thought she was able to make it8Source
  9. I have a strong feeling that this isn’t going to end well.9Source
  10. If only she could go back in time…10Source
  11. Watch that bar, buddy! Oh no!11Source
  12. The only guy in the world who regretted buying a Ferrari12Source
  13. A DIY tutorial gone wrong13Source
  14. And you think you are having a bad day at work!14Source
  15. This guy just wanted to park his brand-new SUV15Source
  16. Idea. Ever.16Source
  17. How is this even possible?17Source
  18. Kids, this is why you should never text while you crane.
  19. No no no! Not on the dress!19Source
  20. No, Abigail, it’s a trap. Run away, don’t do it. You are going to regret it… well, it’s too late now.20Source
  21. Just getting ready for a wedding… and a funeral21Source
  22. This guy thought he was getting an iPad on his birthday22Source
  23. Just waiting for the pool boy to come23Source
  24. The poor guy who got stuck in this elevator24Source
  25. Worst feeling ever.25Source
  26. What goes around comes around!26Source
  27. This Karate Kick has gone terribly wrong27Source
  28. This girl just wanted to have some fun!28SourceIt’s just a bad day, my friend – not a bad life. Remember, your key is still intact and your car is still safe. Your head is still not stuck in a door. Smile a little and have a beautiful day ahead!

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