14 Best Indian Parody Twitter Accounts You Need To Follow Right Away. . .

If you are an active user on Twitter, you can never really run out of gossip and some freshly made memes. It is one of the fastest social media platforms out there and gives every user a convenience to reach out to the world in no time. If you are getting tired of reading the same run of the mill tweets, then we have something in stores for you. Here are some of the most hilarious Indian parody accounts on Twitter that are sure to give you a dose of laughter.

  1. @Trendulkar

    The guy keeps trending on Twitter every now and then. He has an “official” handle on Twitter (as if the name wasn’t enough). Not just sports, he will keep you updated with almost everything!

  1. @juniorbacchhan

    Even though the admin has clearly mentioned “Parody” in his bio, he keeps getting tagged by MBA graduates and Tara Sharma. He tweets about his favorite subject – Abhishek Bachchan (in all his glory).

  1. @Babu_Bhaiyaa

    Babu_Bhaiyaa’s account is one of my favorite parody accounts for sure! He is a Paresh Rawal fan and is followed by the man himself!

  1. @RoflGandhi_

    Try not to laugh after looking at that picture! The parody account has more than 100K followers and is known for its take on Indian politics.

  1. @3DArnab

    As if Arnab Goswami wasn’t enough, someone decided to make his parody account as well. Wait for it! The handle is managed by a witty admin and will certainly get you hooked.

  1. @NorinderMudi

    A parody account of our beloved Prime Minister, it has plenty of tweets as funny as its bio. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and have a look at some of its witty illustrations yourself.

  1. @GabbarSingh

    Probably the king of sarcasm, the account has around 500K followers for a reason!

  1. @Alllahdin

    If you think a Twitter parody account of Aladdin is only a thing of fairytales, then you need to follow this handle right away. The account has put a classic Arabian Night twist on Indian satire.

  1. @bobbydeol_

    Bobby Deol might not be active on Twitter, but his parody account is certainly having a great time!

  1. @LOLendraSingh

    This one is for all the cricket fans out there! His live commentary steals the show for sure. Though, he never misses an opportunity to express his opinion regarding almost everything!

  1. @SirJadeja

    The parody account is probably more famous than the cricketer himself and never ceases to disappoint its followers.

  1. @Ra_Bies

    The best of Desi humor!

  1. @bhaiyyajispeaks

    Bhaiyya ji speaks for every common man out there in his own peculiar way, which is too good to be ignored. Also, he has a thing for Raveena Tandon.

  1. @pakalupapito

    Yes! I saved the best one for the last. With over 2.6 million followers, Pakalu Papito is on a roll. He tweets about his everyday struggles (and disappointments) with which we all can relate to.

Follow them right away and give your Twitter home a new life. Go ahead. You can thank me later!
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