12 Reasons Why Our Generation is Obsessed with 90s. . .

Do you wish to live forever in the past? Well then, a good news for you! Living in the present is so passé. Living in the 90s is the new ‘it’ thing. Why? See everywhere around you. Whether it is red carpet looks, the fashion accessories, hair trends, outfit choices, music picks, in every sphere retro has made a comeback.
We have grown nostalgic for the past and we are actually living up the good ol’ 90s. If you remember all the fleeting emotions while taking the carnival rides or watching Disney cartoons all curled up in the couch or after-school recreation, limited worries and zero responsibilities, you will feel that we used to be freer than ever. These 12 reasons will perfectly sum up why our generation is obsessed with the 90s and that’s the new 2016 –

  1. Because chokers are the ‘must-have’ fashion accessory
    Chokers or tattoo jewelry was introduced in the 90s and we found them pretty hilarious until now. They have made a comeback as a fashion staple and should definitely be in your accessory closet.buzzfeed.com
  2. We now rent movies on Netflix or iTunes without actually leaving our rooms
    Gone are the days when we used to rent DVDs and had to give back on time to avoid the late fees. The new age is the age of Netflix, though the concept is pretty much the same as that of 90s and the best thing is that you can stream all your favorite 90s shows on Netflix.obsev.com
  3. Radio can never be outdated
    You know, you can always count on radio whether you are driving or want some to dedicate songs to your loved ones in the good old fashioned way. Besides, we have so many radio channels to fulfill our music obsession.nytimes.com
  4. Sunday morning cartoons still make sense
  5. Every three months, new 90s trends are coming up
    Berry lips, choker necklace, loose denim, biker jackets, jelly sandals..we all want the best of the 90s.instyle.com
  6. Because quoting “Friends” never gets old
    Friends was and still is our favorite sitcom that we can’t stop raving about!goodmorningquote.com
  7. We all want to wear ‘crop-tops’ and ‘dungarees’ and ‘bell sleeves’
    Admit it, you all want to wear the 90s edgy fashion outfits!fashionfinder.asos.com
  8. Wikipedia is the new ‘encyclopedia’
    We all turn to Wikipedia for our school and college projects now.dotpod.com.ar
  9. It’s all about old things in new package like ‘e-cards’
    As kids, we used to make greeting cards for our friends, now it’s all about e-cards sent over email or on Facebook.zazzle.co.nz
  10. We’ve seen the best of both worlds from tapes to iPods
    Clearly, we are the ‘in-between’ generation.stereo2go.com
  11. We are stubborn in keeping our childhood alive
    Temple Run and Candy Crush are the new Mario while tablets are the new PCs. In fact, we have evolved from 90s and keeping them close to our hearts.thechive.com
  12. It’s all about Lennon glasses and oversized retro sunglasses
    The celebrities are donning retro wayfarers, club masters, oversized sunglasses and not to mention, Lennon glasses. It’s clear that 90s are dominating!thefashiontag.com
  13. Well, Nirvana!
    That pretty much sums it all up, isn’t it?!nirvana.wikia.com

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