14 Signs That Tell Whether You Are In The Middle Of A Twin Flame Relationship. . .

When it comes to love, I’m a die-heart fan of twin flame relationships. While others are quite fascinated with the idea of finding their soulmate, I find a sense of solace with being in a twin flame relationship, which sets my heart on fire and extinguishes it – both at the same time.

Still wondering what’s so different between a soulmate and a twin flame? While both of these universal wonders ooze utter romance, their connection is quite different. Being with your soulmate is like finding your home, where you can be at peace for the rest of your life. A twin flame is so damn different. It is like finding your perfect mirror image.

The sense of passion and romance that a twin flame relationship invokes can’t be compared with anything else in this universe. The on-again-off-again relationship pushes you to your limits. It makes you feel blessed to be with your twin flame. You die a little every time you part ways because they are not just your “other half”. They became a part of you in every possible way.

It awakens our soul and gives us a whole new definition of love. If you have found your twin flame, consider yourself quite fortunate. Chances are that your “soulmate” could be your twin flame all this time. Read on and figure out if you are in the middle of a twin flame relationship or not.

  1. The unexpected Déjà vu

    Because you have met them before so many times, you constantly experience a surreal sense of déjà vu. Too many times, it feels like as if you have done it before. You have kissed their lips in some other life. You have shared a certain memory with them before. It feels way too familiar and uncertain, both at the same time.
  2. You know you are meant to be with them (even if it’s not smooth)

    There is this strange feeling that you can’t shake off when you are with your twin flame. No matter where you go or what you do, you always have a certain pull towards your partner. Every cell in your body craves to be with them. You know it is just “meant to be”, even if it feels wrong. Even if everyone else in your life says it won’t work, you stay with your partner and prove everyone wrong.
  3. You feel awakened

    The moment you meet your twin flame, your soul awakens to a whole new world. You no longer simply go through with different notions of life just for the sake of it. You no longer go with the flow. Instead, you realize that only dead fishes go with the flow. You wake yourself up to be the flow instead.
  4. You feel magical around them

    Even if you have met them by chance, it feels like as if the entire universe conspired for that “chance meeting”. When you are with them, you feel a sense of magic around you. After meeting them, you realize that the biggest miracles in this world are not things, they are people.
  5. Your relationship moves at a fast pace

    You just click with your partner in an unexpected way. You can’t define it in words or make your family and friends understand about your weird love-hate chemistry. They might tell you that you are moving way too fast, but you don’t mind skipping a few steps. You know the destination would lead to them and the journey loses its significance in that process.
  6. The two of you love each other – unconditionally

    They say unconditional love is too hard to find, but it is not the case with the two of you. There is nothing in this whole wide world you want than to be with them. You love your partner without any condition and that’s the best thing about it. You realize that you are the exception that they all talk about.
  7. You both want the same things in life

    The two of you might have different approaches or fundaments, but at the end of the day, you both want the same thing. You know the purpose of your life is to achieve greatness and that can be done only by having your twin flame by your side.
  8. You are more than just lovers

    You are each other’s guide, teacher, best friend, a partner in crime, and so much more. Your relationship is not mundane or one-dimensional. It has multiple layers and with every passing day, you discover something new in your partner.
  9. You get to know how painful love can be

    Because a twin flame relationship is not just about double-ended rainbows and a promise of “forever”. It teaches you how dark and twisted love can be at times. It awakens a sense of passion and longing in you. There are times when you become so sad that you can physically feel your pain. You see the other side of love too many times and it scares you to death.
  10. You recognize a soul connection

    In your relationship, there will always come a time when you would just look into your partner’s eyes and could see how bottomless they are. It is like as if you can see a reflection of your whole life just by looking into their eyes. This magical and surreal moment is known as soul connection. The two of you are connected to each other in more ways than you can think of.
  11. You make the phrase “opposite attracts” so damn true

    A twin flame is your mirror-soul, the exact opposite of you. From the basic principles of life to your yearnings, chances are that the two of you would reflect the opposite sides of the same coin. But that’s the thing, even if the two of you are opposites – you belong to the same coin.
  12. You attain a natural balance in your life

    The both of you fight a thousand times and in the midst of your arguments, you realize how flawlessly you have found a perfect balance. You find a sense of peace and comfort with them. Mentally, physically, and spiritually, you attain an effortless balance.
  13. You always end up with them

    Because they are your true north. It doesn’t matter where you go, you always find your way back to them. It might take years or centuries. The two of you might be separated by a thousand miles, but you find each other back. You always do.
  14. They help you realize your purpose in life

    When you are with your twin flame, you realize that being settled or living your whole love in your comfort zone is not your purpose. They come into your life to help you push your boundaries. They make you fall in love with yourself all over again. They introduce you to yourself.
    The both of you are a living and breathing symbolism of yin and yang. If there is anything in this world that is just meant to be together, then it is the two of you. Be with your twin flame and close your eyes. Travel back to when you met each other for the first time.
    Believe in the kind of fairy-tale romance that you have been overlooking your whole life. Trust me! You might be in the middle of it right now.

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