7 Countries You Didn’t Know Existed. . .

We keep on saying that the world is becoming smaller and connectivity is becoming very easy. However, that is partially true. There are 196 countries in the world and though we would know the number of countries, there are many such tiny countries we didn’t even know existed. Some of the countries are struggling to be called a country while some of the countries are still considered to be sovereign states. Here is the list of few such countries that you didn’t know existed:


    Abkhazia is located on eastern coast of the Black Sea and was a separate country till 11th Century when it was considered to be one with Georgia and later with USSR. After USSR collapsed in 1991, Abkhazia demanded to return back to its original position. It fought a war against Georgia in 1993 and won. This country has a separate military, a national bank, a proper government yet it is struggling to be called a separate country.

    Officially known as The Republic of Kiribati, this is an island nation spread over a land area of 800 square kilometers and it comprises of as many as 33 atolls and reef islands. Its easternmost islands, which are located on the south of Hawaii, have the most advanced time on this planet i.e. UTC+14 hours. Kiribati became a full member of UN in the year 1999.
    This is a very beautiful country having very serene beaches and natural beauty. It has a population of approximately only 250,000 people and is situated in South Pacific Ocean. It consists of some 83 odd islands and is a land of active volcanoes. The country has some very fascinating ancient Melanesian culture and a majority of people still live a village kind of lifestyle here.

    This country declared its independence in 1976 and is located in Western Sahara Region in Africa. Morocco and Mauritania laid their claim on its territory since years. In the year of 1979 Mauritania took back its claim but Morocco is still adamant. UN recognizes it as a state but some still consider it to be a part of Morocco.

    This country is located right in the middle of USA. It stretches over 1600 km and is home to an ancient tribe of Lakota Sioux who has been living here much before European Colony settled there. American Government gave this tribe the rights to this land in 1868 but apparently forgot all about it in the 1870s. At present, the people of Lakota still consider themselves to be an independent country and are fighting for their recognition.

    This country has its own army, parliament, president, and currency. It won its independence in 1992 yet it is still believed to be a part of Moldova. Transnistria is a very thin strip of land between Moldova and Ukraine. When Moldova broke away from USSR in 1990, Transnistria didn’t support the decision. The country wished to remain a part of USSR and be a socialist republic. But till the time they won the war, Soviet Union had fallen down and Transnistria’s official status as a separate country is still pending.

    Chinland has a population of about 1.5 Million people and its territories basically include parts of India, Myanmar, and Bangladesh. When British Empire began to see a downfall in the 1940s, Chinland was unofficially crowned to be called Burma. They do have their own national leaders, National Day and consider themselves to be a separate country. But UN considers them to be a part of Burma-Myanmar.

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