Best Locations for Destination Weddings. . .

Weddings in India are a very special occasion not only for the ones who are getting married but also for the near and dear ones. Recently, weddings are becoming more exotic, more fun, and a memorable experience for all those who attend the wedding. These changes are surely due to weddings at magical destinations where you can actually feel the special environment in all your veins.
Fortunately, India has been blessed with a pool full of locations for destination weddings, be it beaches, mountains, forts or any other place, India has it all. So, here are some of the locations for destination weddings where you can take your eternal 7 vows in the best possible ambiance.

  1. The most famous- Udaipur:
    We all would have seen the movie “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani”, and loved the location where Kalki gets married. Well, if you loved that location then Udaipur is the exact place you are looking for. Udaipur is famous for royal weddings at lakeside palaces and the most famous among them is Oberoi-Udai Villas. Even foreigners are mesmerized by this location.
  2. The green beauty- Kerala:
    For the ones who desire to wed in a calm, cool place with nature and greenery surrounded all over, Kerala is the place you are looking for. The backwaters of Kerala are so serene, peaceful and pretty that they would never leave your eyes. Just imagine a wedding on beaches covered with coconut trees all around and lovely houseboats with lights tingling over them. Perfect!
  3. Andaman and Nicobar Islands:
    Andaman and Nicobar islands are one of the most charming places to get married and celebrate the special occasion. White sand beaches, blue sky, private resorts and playful wind, all of them work together to make your special day more special. A wedding here is a total fulfillment of your fairy tale wedding dream come true.
  4. Goa:
    Till now we all have heard that Goa is just for partying and enjoying. Well, the another face of Goa is perfect for the combination of the wedding as well as partying. Just imagine a wedding where you can have the fun of both –the wedding as well as the partying aspect of Goa. Parties on the beach and ceremonies in the old churches of Goa, isn’t it a perfect combination?
  5. Lavasa:
    Lavasa is a planned hill station located near Pune. If you have never been to this place, you are really missing out the fun. Lavasa is structured and modeled based on a town in Italy. So this place can give you vibes to marrying out of India without actually travelling out of India. The place is full of modern architecture and surrounded by lakes, mountains, waterfalls and breathtaking views. Planning a wedding here can be a real memorable moment of your life.
  6. Agra- Taj Mahal:
    How about getting married at a place which is itself known to be the epitome of love? Yes, we are talking about Taj Mahal in Agra. Agra is one of the oldest cities in the country and has always proved to be the perfect place for your special occasion, with a lot of famous and royal hotels and resorts and existence of Taj Mahal, Agra is thumbs up for your wedding.These were some of the places where you can plan your wedding, but the list is never-ending, India is full of destination for celebrating the special occasions such as wedding with all cities bringing in a different culture and touch to your magical day.

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