Brand Names People Have Been Pronouncing All Wrong. . .

People do come across the situation where they feel embarrassed when someone corrects them for wrong pronunciation. Many of us would have come across situations, where we feel embarrassed and fear that people might judge you on the basis of your pronunciation.

Well, there are some brands which almost everyone has been pronouncing wrong throughout all these years. Some of them are so common that it really surprises us to know that we have been calling these brands by wrong name all these years. Here are some of the brand names which are pronounced wrong by the majority of the population.

  1. Nutella:
    The delicious chocolate spread used by all of us is been pronounced wrong by all us.
    How you say it: Nut-ell-ah
    How you should say it: New-tell-uh
  2. Givenchy:
    French is a language which has always proved be difficult to pronounce, similar is the problem with this brand.
    How you say it: Give-en-chee
    How you should say it: Zjee-von-shee
  3. Porsche:
    This German car brand is another one which is mispronounced very commonly, even the ones who own this brand car are sometimes mistaken by pronouncing its name all wrong.
    How you say it: Poor-sh
    How you should say it: Poor-sha
  4. Bvlgari:
    This famous luxury Italian gemstone and luxury watches brand is also pronounced wrongly by many of us.
    How you say it: Buhl-gar-ee
    How you should say it: Buhl-guh-ree
  5. IKEA:
    This Swedish furniture brand is famous for its quality and affordability, but you have been pronouncing it wrong.
    How you say it: Eye-kee-ah
    How you should say it: Ih-kee-ah
  6. Hyundai:
    This car brand has been pronounced by all of us all these years.
    How you say it: Hu-un-die
    How you should say it: Hun-day
  7. Nike:
    This American sports brand has been facing wrong pronunciation since generations. Let’s look at how it is pronounced and how it should be pronounced.
    How you say it: Nigh-k
    How you should say it: Nigh-kee
  8. Volkswagen:
    This German car manufacturer brand by its name looks very easy to pronounce but it is not as simple as it looks.
    How you say it: Volks-wagon
    How you should say it: Volks-vah-gen
  9. SEGA:
    This Japanese video game company has been pronounced wrong by us since all our childhood days.
    How you say it: Say-ga
    How you should say it: See-ga
  10. Dolce & Gabbana:
    This Italian brand is into everything from jewellery to watches to bags to clothing to shoes to perfume everything but excluding an easier name to pronounce for its lovers.
    How you say it: Dol-say and Gab-ana
    How you should say it: Dol-chey and Gab-ana
  11. Adobe:
    Adobe is a computer software brand which is pronounced wrongly by almost everyone.
    How you say it: Ah-dohb
    How you should say it: Ah-doh-bee
  12. Ferrero Rocher:
    Well, it will be surprising for you to know that you have been pronouncing your favorite chocolate brand all wrong.
    How you say it: Fer-rare-ra Row-sher.
    How you should say it: Fur-rare-row Row-sheyThese were some of the examples of brands which are pronounced wrong by almost all of us. There are many more and we all need to learn a little bit more about our lovable brands.

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