8 Life Lessons From “Dear Zindagi” That We Need To Implement In Our Lives. . .

Gauri Shinde’s “Dear Zindagi” turned out to be very relatable film amongst the youth. It won hearts all over India and also made its mark in the International market. The storyline that a girl in her 20s approaches a life coach to get her messed up life on track teaches us many important lessons. The story gives off a strong lesson that no-one’s life is all rosy. Instead, we should love our messy, imperfect, and flawed life and accept it as it is. Here are some life lessons that we need to understand and implement in our life:

  1. Learn To Do Something New Every time

    As Shah Rukh Khan put it, ”Albert Einstein ne kaha tha pagal wo hota hai jo roz roz same kaam karta hai magar chahta hai ki nateeja alag ho.” We would learn something new only if we attempt something new. No results would come out of doing same work every day in the same manner.
  2. Learn To Understand Yourself

    Shah Rukh Khan says the same thing we may have been telling ourselves since long and maybe what our parents have also taught us, “Jab hum apne aap ko achchhi tarah samajh lete hai.. toh doosre kya samajhte hai, it doesn’t matter at all.” We would stop caring what others think of us once we understand ourselves.
  3. Let Past Be Past

    It is not at all easy to forget past and move forward. However, one important lesson that Dear Zindagi teaches us is to let past be a bygone. Don’t let the past blackmail your present… to ruin a beautiful future.
  4. It Is Completely Okay To Cry Openly

    After all, it’s a way of letting out your feelings and expressing yourself. We are often told that it’s not okay to cry. However, another perspective that Shah Rukh offers in the movie is what we actually need to implement, “Khul Ke ro nahi paogi toh khul kar has kaise paogi?”
  5. Take Charge Of Your Own Life

    We keep taking others opinion before taking a decision or we keep thinking what others will think before taking some step. We are highly influenced by others and we need to stop doing exactly that. As Shah Rukh says,” Agar hum apni zindagi ka steering wheel apne haath mein nahi lenge na.. toh koi doosra driver seat par baith jayega!”
  6. It’s Okay To Go Easy Way

    We sometimes think that if it is easy to do, it may not be worth it. Or if it is too easy to do, it won’t be right. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult always. Shah Rukh rightly says, ”Hum hamesha mushkil raasta kyun chunte hai zaroori kaam ke liye? Kya pata aasaan raaste se bhi kaam ho jaye?”
  7. Expressing Your Love Is Never Easy

    We never tell anyone easily how much we love them be it our parents, friends, family or that special one. We are always in a puzzle as to how to let them know how much they mean to us. Alia puts it very simply,” Rona, gussa, nafrat kuch bhi khul kar express nahi karne diya. Ab pyaar kaise express karein?”
  8. We Have To Teach Ourselves

    This may be the most crucial and important lesson that we can learn from this movie. This life is a school and we are the teachers. We are all our own teachers in the school of life. No one can teach us anything better than ourselves.

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