Best New Year Party Destinations. . .

New Year is the time of the year which is meant to be celebrated to its fullest, it is the time when you take a break from your daily hustle and bustle of your life and spend an evening with your loved ones. So to make this evening more special and memorable, here is a list of places you can spend or celebrate New Year at. The place you choose should turn out to be perfect for the special 31st December night and should welcome the new promising year with utmost joy and fun.
We have gone through a lot of places and then selected few of them which will be best for New Year’s Eve, all of these places bring a new culture and new memories to be build.

  1. New York city:
    New York City surely has an atmosphere which other cities might be jealous of, the city has its own charm and this charm widens and brightens at the time of new years when millions of people gather in Times Square to listen to the famous musicians and the ball drop. If you don’t want to stand in a crowd and save yourself from chaos, you can actually book a reservation at a bar or restaurant which overlooks Times square and enjoy the evening.
    This is already very famous for its carnival festivals and for the New Year’s celebration is come second on the number. Rio De Janerio hosts the world’s largest and most probably the wildest New Year’s party at their famous Copacabana beach. This Brazilian celebration brings all its religious, traditional and superstitious beliefs with people wearing white clothes and showering flowers in the sea. A mesmerizing view of amazing fireworks can also be enjoyed here.
  3. Sydney:
    Celebrating new years in Sydney is a two-way win situation: 1. It is known to be the first major city where the clock strikes midnight  2. It has one of the amazing fireworks show, followed by aerial acts and water show at the amazing Sydney Harbour Bridge and the famous Sydney Opera House. So now you can actually imagine how good Sydney can be on new years, a lot of things and events take place during the favorite hour of the country.
  4. Hong Kong:
    Hong Kong is again very famous for its fireworks show which keeps on improving with every passing year. The fireworks combine with dramatic lights and the whole city shines in beautiful colours with people gathered around the Hong Kong Times Square mall. The whole evening turns out to be amazing with a replica of a ball dropping done in New York and a pyrotechnic dragon showing Hong Kong’s culture dancing across the sky. A booking and reservation for parties on boats and rooftop terraces can be made to enjoy the whole evening.
  5. Las Vegas:
    For all the party animals out there, Las Vegas is a perfect party capital to enjoy your new years at. The city makes every possible effort to make the big night the best night with car-free streets and different concerts and shows happening right on the streets, you will never feel a lack of entertainment here. At midnight an amazing fireworks program can be enjoyed either from the streets or from the rooftop of the hotels you are partying at.These were some of the places where you can plan to spend your new year’s evening at, but the list is really very long, a lot of places are coming up with different and new ideas to celebrate a new year and make the evening special.

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