Best Places for Desserts in Mumbai. . .

Have you ever wondered why a meal is always incomplete without a dessert at the end? Well, this is because dessert leaves a sweet mouth watering taste and cheers you up till the end of the meal. Mumbai as a city is known for its famous vada pav and delicious desserts, it place actually has a uncountable number of best dessert locations which will never leave you unsatisfied.
Be it ice cream or Gulab Jamuns or red velvet cake, this place has got everything you are looking for and very surely fulfill your cravings for some amazing desserts. Here we have selected few of the places where you can find best desserts in Mumbai.

  1. La Folie Patisserie:
    If you are a great hot chocolate fan then this the best place for you. La Folie Patisserie is famous for serving best hot chocolate in the city with a lot of other add-on such as amazing pastries and macros which leave your mouth to say yummy! after each and every bite. Though expensive but this place is really worth the pleasure you derive from having its amazing desserts.
  2. The Boston Cupcakery:
    Just the name of cupcakes can bring water in our mouth. The Boston cupcakery is famous for its delicious flavors of cupcakes and other desserts. With a perfect and cozy sitting arrangement, this place is best for late night desserts to treat to your friends. Other than cupcakes the place offers many other desserts such as chocolate well which is actually a well full of chocolate. The place really has many delights to offer.
  3. Cafe Pico:
    Desserts literally have this quality of bringing a huge smile on your face, similar efforts are made by Cafe Pico to bring a huge smile on your face by offering delicious desserts. This place in Goregaon east is not just confined to desserts but it also offers a huge range of pasta and rice. This place is a perfect combination of Good food and amazing desserts.
  4. Love Sugar Dough:
    Better known as LSD! This place has got amazing cupcakes and mouthwatering cheesecakes. The place has been known as LSD because the makers do understand how addictive desserts can be and this name purely compliments to the nature and desire for desserts.
    LSD has 5 branches in Mumbai, with reasonable pricing.
  5. Theobroma:
    This place is known for its famous and rich desserts, the place has got amazing ambiance and best brownies in the city. Its Denseloaf cake, chocolate overload cake, lemon tart, macaroons and red velvet cakes are something you should surely try if you ever land up in this place.
    Theobroma is serving its customers with happiness since ages and has now become a legend in delivering happiness to its customers.
  6. Le 15 Patisserie:
    This place has got amazing Belgian chocolate cupcakes and the red velvet cake is just out of the world. The place will offer you with almost every dessert which you desire for. For the giving best treatment to your sweet tooth, this place is actually best you can opt for.These were some of the best places where you can get the amazingly mouth-watering desserts all over the year. So take the best care of your sweet tooth and keep eating! 

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